Participate in the Discussion Jan 27 2 pm

Participate in the Discussion Jan 27 2 pm

During the special session, there was much debate about civil immunity from liability regarding COVID. The topic is being revisited on Jan 27 at 2 PM. There is no bill on the topic yet. This is the public’s opportunity to weigh in on this discussion. You can do it virtually by signing up to testify.

Opportunities to testify will be listed in the table below. Note: All meeting times listed are Mountain Time (MT).

If you are having difficulties registering, please email:

If you don’t make it in time to do a virtual testimony – be sure to email the committee your comments and concerns. Here’s the link to the committee members to email them your concerns:

House Judiciary Committee


Message from Health Freedom Idaho Executive Director, Miste Karlfeldt:

I called the secretary of the committee because I found the description to be vague. He sent me the talking points that were sent to the other speakers. He mentioned that the sheriff’s office will be speaking regarding liability. This is very important for defending the republic and our voices MUST be heard.

1.) We must not allow the government to compel behavior through fear. If only the businesses who follow the direction of the government have some kind of protection from liability it exposes small businesses that don’t want to follow the government’s edict to lawsuits. This will effectively do away with businesses that do not want to do the bidding of the government. This is not about protecting small businesses it Is about compelling behavior of the businesses.

Said another way, a statute that protects businesses from liability only IF they comply with government orders is using society to control and exclude those who choose another path.
Just as with the mask mandates, any government entity can “order” businesses to require proof of vaccination with a coronavirus vaccine in order to enter their business and there will be nothing we can do about it. And even if you are injured or killed by this brand new, experimental vaccine. COVID vaccine manufacturers and those who administer them are LIABILITY FREE. That’s right, you are on your own if you have an adverse reaction.

comments made in Special Session August 2020.

2.) There would be no way to prove in court where you contracted a virus. Liability protection is completely unnecessary and a waste of the state’s time and resources.

3.) If made a permanent fixture in code, are they going to have a new bill for every single virus? This does not make sense.

✅ You can testify in person or online at 2 pm. They expect this will be highly contentious as it was during the special session so be sure to reserve your time to speak. Click on “Register To Testify” if you wish to testify via zoom.

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