Petition to Distance Cell Towers From Schools & Homes

Every one of us is now exposed to unprecedented levels of man-made EMFs. The safety of EMF exposure is controversial because there many believe that these artificially created EMFs are completely safe. On the other hand, studies are emerging to demonstrate that EMFs, including non-ionizing ones, may be unsafe. Perhaps the safest route to take is to be safe, informed, and proactive, rather than sitting back and passively consenting to being a guinea pig. Recently Treasure Valley mom, Kimberly Johnson started a petition for the relocation of a cell towers at least 1,500 feet away from schools and residences in her city of Nampa, Idaho.

JUN 26, 2018 — I just wanted to let everyone know that I have recently had the privilege of Participating in a phone meeting with the chief of staff from the mayors office regarding the safety concerns of cell towers in residences. He was very kind and assured me he has heard our concerns and is digging deeper on the issue. He agreed that we need to look further into studies as a whole a not just industry studies and even made a comparison to the knowledge we now have regarding the hazard of second hand smoke as opposed to a time when it was common place to smoke around your family and in highly populated places. I have hope that the city will do the right thing and protect the residents, especially the children! But it will take time. Please keep sharing this petition and emailing your concerns to the mayors office so we can have our voices heard.


The Petition Reads:
As a concerned long term resident and home owner in downtown Nampa I am petitioning that the Golden Glow Tower (1108 7th st S. Nampa Id.) remove the large cell tower that is installed on the roof. The tower is installed directly above the retirement apartments, next to a long standing church, a school and many residences. My home is a mere 444 ft from this cellular tower and as many residents in the area we have young children in the home. Cellular coverage is of great importance but I think we all can agree that there are more appropriate locations for something of this nature. Not only is the tower aesthetically unappealing, more importantly it poses serious health concerns. I know many do not share the belief that cell towers pose a risk but after doing much research I cannot in good conscience be silent on the issue. Please see references below and decide for yourself if this is something that should be in close proximity of residences and schools.  I sincerely love this city and community and I believe the residence of Nampa deserve better! Please sign this petition to protect the families and future generations that make Nampa such a special place. 

HFI: We encourage Nampa residents to sign the petition HERE. We encourage those in other cities to speak with your city council and meet with your mayor to discuss your concerns about the health and safety of residents exposed to long term on going EMF radiation. 

Learn More about Health Concerns of electromagnetic waves and ways to reduce exposurer:

Within the last fifteen years, wireless technology has become ubiquitous, increasing the EMFs and radiation beyond what would be considered “natural.” The radiation that transmits data is very different than “natural” EMFs. The data transmission wavelengths are of random forms and transmit at rapid, varied frequencies. It appears as if these forms and frequencies may be harmful to human and animal health. 

There are many different types of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that are harmful to our health, but the kind that poses the biggest danger to us is microwave radiation (MR). Most electronic devices that communicate wirelessly do so by emitting MR. As more and more technology develops, the amount of MR we are being exposed to is increasing dramatically. The wireless industry gets away with this because the power emitted by these technologies is non-ionizing, meaning it does not cause direct DNA damage. However, MR exposure can cause many different health problems not related to direct DNA damage, including:

  • Mitochondria dysfunction1
  • Decreased testosterone levels2
  • Lower bone-density in the pelvis on the side of the pocket where people keep their cell phone3
  • An increase in antibiotic resistance of bacteria (the bacteria feel threatened)4
  • An increase in mercury vapor output from amalgam dental fillings5
  • Dysfunction of the vitamin D receptor6
  • An increase in intracellular calcium levels and resulting oxidative stress7
  • Cellular dehydration 
  • Interference with alpha brain waves from the pulse rate of WIFI (10 hertz)

Resources on Cell Tower Radiation

Learn More about EMF Radiation from local Boise expert Eric Brandt 


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