Police Arrest Mother at Playground- Witness Account

Police Arrest Mother at Playground- Witness Account

“I’m going to address what happened yesterday.” Ashley Everly says. Sharing an account of what happened at the Idaho park in which mother Sara Brady was arrested. Ashley’s full unedited recording is below.

Eyewitness Account

First. The only thing that was PLANNED by a group of local mothers, was a PLAY DATE for their kids, at the park. See the image below (of children playing in the grass). Nowhere on that post did the organizers encourage people to do anything against the coronavirus orders, btw.

There were some individuals who decided to take down the caution tape so that their kids could play, period. It was a peaceful, beautiful day. Nothing was destroyed and nothing was damaged. And nothing else was “planned” despite all of the horrible lies that are being spread by people who don’t know Sara.

Second. The reasons behind WHY a play date was organized, was because:

(1) It was going to be a beautiful day and it has been weeks or months since our kids played with their friends.

(2) Studies & papers have been coming out since March, showing that the case fatality rate of COVID-19 was not nearly as worrisome as we were originally led to believe and that actually it would end up being similar to a bad flu season – if that*. Instead of the death rate being above 3%, they are realizing it’s more like 0.1%.


This is because they found that a much higher number of people have been exposed and recovered than originally assumed… It’s called underreporting. Not everyone is being tested.


(3) *Therefore, the numbers of deaths were looking to be akin to the flu (which is why I said in the video, “It’s the flu!” – not to be taken literally but in essence because of the death rate), and on top of that, we have the fact that COVID-19 cases have been highly INFLATED due to CDC recommendations – no testing needed – for documenting nearly anything as COVID-19.

I’ve come across too many people who had loved ones who died from other causes, find out that their deaths had been documented as COVID-19. And well, there are financial incentives for hospitals to diagnose COVID-19 ($13,000 per patient) and put them on ventilators ($39,000 for every patient on a vent).


(4) The projected number of deaths from COVID-19, the “final toll” according to Fauci, will be around 60,000. In prior seasons, flu and pneumonia have claimed up to 80,000 lives in the US. Currently, confirmed cases of flu are very low compared to other seasons, and all-cause mortality in the US is lower than usual.


(5) From the graphs of the number of cases by day, we are looking to be on the tail end of the outbreak, even as testing increases.

(6) Other states are in the process of “opening” due to the above information being more widely acknowledged.

(7) We are seeing this, and we see Governor Little of Idaho continuing to mandate unemployment, continuing to use his authority to close publicly (taxpayer) funded playgrounds, to try to prevent us from enjoying the sunshine and gathering together with friends and family.

(8) People want to OPEN IDAHO, NOW.

Government closing playgrounds for this 👆🏻 is unreasonable. For the parents and children who rely on their family’s small business income or jobs that have now been deemed “non essential” by our government, this shut down is cruel. Not to mention the increase in suicides and child abuse.


👉🏻 Additional thoughts:

The park itself was not closed. Our play date would not have been interrupted by the police had the kids not played on the playground equipment and stayed on the grass.

That being said, the playground is in the sun. Heat / higher temperatures / UV radiation 👉🏻 kills viruses. Let’s compare this to every grocery store, where you’re inside, in an air conditioned environment suitable for viruses, and everyone is touching and breathing on the produce. Cloth masks are ineffective for preventing viral transmission, and wearing a mask reduces your oxygen intake, which is bad for your health on a variety of levels.


If you want to stay home, then stay home. This virus will circulate whether we want it to or not, and it HAS BEEN circulating much more than we anticipated, while 99.9% of people are recovering. Yes, 99.9%. A 0.1% death rate or case fatality rate means that 99.9% of people are recovering.

Why not allow those who are willing to risk infection, do so? Those who feel young and healthy enough to withstand a potential COVID-19 infection, should be allowed to do so. This would allow us to build up immunity and provide a greater shield of protection for those who are at risk.


And here is where I dispel more rumors and lies.

Sara arrived late to the play date. We sat in the grass and chatted for a bit and then the police arrived. When the first police officer told the kids to exit the playground, Sara complied immediately and told her kids to stay off the playground and stay in the grass. The officer himself then entered the playground area. Sara wanted to ask him some questions, so she went over to him.

Sara had never even entered the playground area until she went to go speak to the officer (and ask questions about why the kids were able to be on the grass vs the playground, etc).

When the officer told us to move to the grass, she began to walk that direction while asking a question about this. At that point, the officer snapped at her and told her she had 5 seconds to exit the playground, and began counting down.

What did he expect her to do? Make a mad dash for the grass? What kind of garbage is this, treating a mother this way, with all of these children around when she was asking legitimate questions?

It’s WRONG. Sara is a GOOD PERSON. She has such integrity, really cares about people, and she has so much respect for law enforcement. But, she also knows her rights and there’s no law against asking questions!

AND LISTEN. If he can’t keep a level head for a mother asking questions on a playground, what the hell is he going to do when he has to deal with REAL criminals? He could have simply walked with her to the grass while they discussed the issue, but he did not.


Ashley Everly, public Facebook post

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