Health Freedom Idaho Responds to Slanderous Comments by State Senator

Health Freedom Idaho Responds to Slanderous Comments by State Senator

March 16, 2019 – Health Freedom Idaho is a statewide grassroots collaboration of citizens, professionals, and practitioners who advocate for liberty, transparency, parental rights, and natural rights. HFI works diligently to inform and educate Idahoans on issues and legislation that affect their health freedoms. 

In phone calls to Constituents on or about March 14, 2019, Senator Fred Martin made misleading and outright false statements regarding Health Freedom Idaho. Senator Martin asserts that HFI encouraged citizens to threaten him and other members of the committees he serves on. Health Freedom Idaho works professionally and responsibly with Idaho’s Legislators and Citizens, and does not threaten people in any way.

It has come to our attention that Senator Martin is also claiming that police reports from incidents in his past have been shared on social media by HFI. This is untrue. While the contents of these reports are very concerning to many parents and Health Freedom Idaho members, we did not release the reports. It appears Senator Martin is attempting to shift the public’s focus away from the contents of the police investigation, and onto anyone he can find to blame for the information being discovered. 

The unfounded assertions are seemingly a result of the fact that Senator Martin has been at odds with the positions Health Freedom Idaho has taken on many issues and many bills. Martin is currently holding a bill HFI supports in the drawer, House Bill 133. The legislation is a straightforward government transparency bill that flew through the House of Representatives, passing 52-17. 

In recent phone calls and emails to Constituents, Senator Martin has come up with several different excuses as to why he is holding the bill hostage and refusing to schedule the public hearing it deserves in the Senate Health and Welfare committee. When examining Senator Martin’s campaign finance reporting, the apparent conflicts of interest are glaring.

Health Freedom Idaho stands strongly in opposition of chairpersons whom abuse their positions of power by exercising unilateral veto power they are not entitled to in the Idaho Constitution. The responsibility of a chairperson is to oversee the procedures of the committee, not to interfere with the legislative process by imposing their own bias. We encourage the Citizens of Idaho to contact Senator Martin regarding HB133 at


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