Christians, we cannot be pro-life and pro-vaccine.

Christians, we cannot be pro-life and pro-vaccine.

Religious exemptions for vaccines. A topic that has been hotly debated. Should a parent with a firmly held moral objection to abortion-tainted vaccines have the right to deny vaccinations for their child in a country that values freedom of religion? Should the church support these families? Can an individual be considered PRO-LIFE and PRO VACCINE? This event was hosted by Dr. Rosie Main and Health Freedom Idaho to share the importance of preserving religious freedom from vaccine mandates.

As Christians, we were told in the scripture more than 100 times to FEAR NOT.  Fear is a powerful force. We need to heed the warning.

Fear can make you do things you wouldn’t normally do – and silence you when you should be speaking.

I am guilty of staying silent – but I no longer can. 

Christians are not only convinced that evil is no longer evil- but that evil is GOOD as long as the term “science” is attached to it. 

As a pro-life Christian, I believe that human beings are created by God in His image. Therefore every person, from conception to natural death, possesses inherent dignity and immeasurable worth – including preborn children. As a Christian, then, I am called to defend, protect, and value all human life. 

In the area of vaccines, some Christians and ministries have unknowingly taken positions in contradiction to their own core value of the sanctity of human life, and have based those positions on intentionally deceptive and incorrect information promoted by the industry itself.

Pro-life Pastors and Christians have told me, they don’t want to hear about abortion-tainted vaccines. Their excuses are:

  • It was only 2 aborted babies,
  •  it was a long time ago
  • …vaccines have saved humanity. 

We have been utterly DECEIVED by these lies. 

For years I assumed that vaccines were a “dead virus” in a sterile saline solution.  Is that what YOU believed?  I had no reason to believe otherwise. 

I didn’t have time to think about it much when my children were young. I was a busy mother of 4 sweet girls under the age of 7. I carved out time to research their strollers, cribs, cart seats, and our laundry detergent.

I wanted to protect them. So, I dutifully took my children to get their shots. I was just doing what I was told like all other parents. Listen to the doctor, who have years of training and knows better than their mother. 

It wasn’t until the birth of my youngest that I found out the truth that was never disclosed by the doctor or church leader.

14 years of prayer and longing, God blessed me with my son. My Samuel was born at home, without medical intervention and almost without the midwife.

Coincidentally he was born during the epidemic outbreak of H1N1.  You might remember it although it’s hard to keep up with the CDC fear-mongering epidemics.

I shared my concerns with my midwife. While I wanted to bring my son into the pediatrician to get his shots and protect him from these “preventable diseases” the flu shot was not recommended for newborns.

How could I protect him from this deadly flu epidemic? 

After all, He might be exposed to it at the doctor’s office. 

Her response – startled me. 

She had just gotten over H1N1 flu virus which she treated it with goldenseal and other herbs. My mouth must have been hanging open. I was shocked.  I thought (based on the media coverage) that she should be dead if she got the FLU. 

Research the vaccines. 

The suggestion that changed the course of my life – research the vaccines. 

She knew I intended to cocoon my newborn – to remain at home for the first 6 weeks and bond with son and his siblings. 

 I had time, she said, to research.  There was no hurry to inject his healthy body.  And so. I did. 

Although she left me a book and a DVD  – it was what I found on the internet that made me realize I was remiss in protecting my children.

My first discovery was an article, posted in a scientific journal, that detailed out the fact that aborted human beings were used in the manufacture of the vaccines. The article was written by the scientist in a tone of pride and arrogance.

It described in gruesome detail the acquisition of WI-38- was the label given to the 3 ½-month-old female- who was aborted and whose DNA made it into the final product of the MMR. 

Her parents were interviewed to determine if their aborted child would be a good fit for medical research. 

Dr. Stanley Plotkin who developed the Rubella vaccine by using the cells of this aborted baby girl testified recently in court:

 “This fetus was chosen by Dr. Sven Gard, specifically for this purpose. The abortion was done because they felt they had too many children.”

 These vaccine developers didn’t just passively sort through discarded baby parts. They were actively involved in aborting the babies in such a way as to maximize access to “fresh” tissue in order to develop their products.  

An aborted baby boy was also used as spare parts in the production of vaccines. His designation is MRC-5 – let’s call him Michael. Michael’s 27- year old mother as ‘given an abortion’ for psychological reasons…  

Did that mother suffering from mental health issues have a choice?  Certainly – The babies didn’t. 

Their bodies sacrificed at the altar of science and justified by our CHURCHES and Christian Organizations under the guise of the ”good for mankind.” 

The Excuses continue

My Pastor said, “yes, but it was just those two abortions…” 

As if the murder of just two is a lessor evil in the sight of a righteous God?

What lies!

The biotechnology industry – developing our vaccines didn’t use just two babies who “would have been aborted anyway” years ago.  Quite the contrary. Hundreds of babies were aborted in the quest to develop human fetal cell lines for the purpose of producing live virus vaccines.  

During the rubella outbreak in Philadelphia in 1964 doctors convinced pregnant women that they had been exposed to rubella – the 3-day measles and that their baby would be born horribly deformed if they continued with their pregnancy. 

Mothers were exploited and manipulated by FEAR, and they allowed the murder of their child. 

NOT 2 NOR 5,  NOT 10 or 20  but 26 mothers aborted their babies at the direction of their doctors.  

Their aborted babies’ bodies were immediately sent to the science labs of Dr. Stanley Plotkin. 

When researchers dissected the aborted fetuses it was then determined that these precious human beings were HEALTHY -uninfected..sacrificed in vain…Unusable for their medical research and product development. 

The 27th baby was infected. RA273. Rubella-abortus-27th – 3rd tissue sample that contained the live rubella virus.

And although he had successfully isolated the virus that would eventually be used in the rubella vaccine on the market today, it didn’t stop there. In subsequent research papers, Dr. Plotkin noted another 40 aborted babies were dissected to obtain further virus samples. 2

This means there were at least 67 babies electively aborted just to obtain the virus for the rubella vaccine. And they STILL had to culture the virus – on the bodies of even MORE aborted babies.  

The bodies of 32 ‘elective abortions’ produced the final WI-38 cell line. 

Are you counting? 99 aborted babies were used to produce the rubella vaccine.

**As a mother – the lives of the innocent “two” were enough to stop vaccinating.  Pastor, I ask you do the 99 sacrificial lives give you pause? 

update: It’s been disclosed that more than 181 aborted baby bodies were used in the research and development of vaccines.

About Time?

Pro-life Christians still attempt to JUSTIFY VACCINES…with the excuse “It was a long time ago…”

Time. We are finite beings created by a timeless God.

Time? How can we justify the evil of child sacrifice that we have built our vaccines upon using the excuse of time?

Evil doesn’t lessen because our human memories of it do. 

We have been lied to – again…

These atrocious acts of taking the life of the unborn for vaccines

 – This was NOT just an act “back then”.

They are continuing to abort human babies… – they have spent years perfecting their procedures -so that the baby is still alive when they harvest organs for medical research. 

I discovered all these facts – and was left with a horrible dilemma…Just weeks old, I knew I could not inject my son with the abortion-tainted vaccines. Almost instantly after realizing I would not vaccinate my son- I was overwhelmed with dread and FEAR. 

Fear – my son – who I had longed for – 14 years – would die of a vaccine-preventable disease. I was terrified I would cause the death of my son. I spent hours..begging God to protect my son.

It was during those six weeks of sheltering my newborn from the world – I began to reason…


To think that a product – created by humans would outmatch the knowledge and power of the Almighty God…the Creator of the universe.

Thoughts stirred-You either “trust in the Lord with all your heart, soul, and mind,” or you don’t. 

DO I truly believe that HE IS Omniscience – all-knowing? 

DO I truly believe that HE is all-powerful? 

If I believe that GOD IS ALL KNOWING. Then He knew that diseases – infections would arise that is why he incorporated an immune system into our fearfully and wonderfully made bodies. 

GOD IS ALL-POWERFUL. He can protect my son, all my children, from the infection without the intervention of tainted vaccines. 

Vaccines Did Not Save Us!

We continue to buy into their lies. Millions of lives have not been saved by vaccines. *Vaccines reduced the week-long acute illnesses but NOT the mortality rate.

Looking at mortality records, there is something that is never mentioned. The death rate for all infectious diseases had plummeted before the introduction of vaccines for all those diseases. 

In the United States, the mortality rate for measles decreased by more than 98% before the introduction of the measles vaccine in 1963.

In 1962, there were millions of cases of measles – a week-long infection with a fever and a rash- but the odds of dying from the infection were less than the odds of dying from drowning in a bathtub or; drowning in a swimming pool; less than slipping, tripping, or stumbling; or accidental suffocation in bed. 

While the cases of measles had remained fairly steady over time, the mortality rate had already plummeted well prior to the introduction of the vaccine. That doesn’t mean there weren’t deaths because of measles in 1962. There were, but they were very rare. 

They have skewed the figures intentionally FRIGHTEN parents into using their products.

The Fear of the DISEASE – I didn’t even realize I had been infected with it!

This grip of FEAR so entangled my heart and mind.., and then one day I simply REPENTED. I had put my trust in the religion of SCIENCE. I had misplaced my faith.

The deception by the industry has Christians placing their FAITH VACCINES as the Savior OF MANKIND.

Who is Our Savior?

As a Christian, a believer in God – a JUST and RIGHTEOUS GOD How can we expect He would honor our injection of a product – developed on the bodies of murdered children – to ‘protect us from infection?

It’s contrary to his nature – He can’t –  He doesn’t.

Our children’s vaccines, the Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Chicken Pox are developed on aborted human beings and contain the DNA of those babies

More than 4.5 Billion people have been injected the world wide the past 50 years with vaccines tainted with fetal DNA and Studies are just now showing that fragmented DNA that exists in the vaccines* from those aborted babies is being inserted into the nucleus of the cell of the vaccine recipient. (*source

Humanity’s attempt to outsmart our Creator to ‘boost our immunity to disease’ is creating bodies that are weakened by mutagenesis. Damaging our very DNA.

Vaccines may have reduced the number of cases of week-long illness. The fever, rash, and swollen lymph nodes. The evidence is clear – CHRONIC life-altering diseases are on the rise.** Since the advent of vaccines -that chronic childhood diseases have increased exponentially. 

  • 1 in 285 children diagnosed with cancer before their 20th birthday. 
  • 1 in 28 boys diagnosed with neurological disorders (*source) – Autism, ADHD, learning disabilities…
  • -1 in 12 have Asthma,
  • -Over a lifetime, 1 in 26 U.S. people will be diagnosed with epilepsy a seizure disorder,
  • now we have severe allergies…

When I was a child – chronic diseases affected about 12% of children. Today, chronic diseases – long term – life-shortening diseases – impact 54% of our children. (source)

I no longer fear disease-illness- by PUTTING MY TRUST IN GOD as my savior and protector. And NOT a human-made vaccine. 

Yet for a long time, I still dealt with fear.

Fear of being labeled, rejected for my rejection of vaccines.

For a while remaining silent was easy.

Why should anyone need to know why I no longer vaccinate? 

my handpainted signs made
national news

I didn’t need to discuss it -…until  VACCINE MANDATES.

I don’t vaccinate because of my firmly held moral objection to abortion tainted vaccines. Because of my religious beliefs. 

They took away my children’s right to attend school – even a private Christian school. (SB277)

Vaccine mandates took away my livelihood – private, in-home – Christian family daycare.  Their vaccine mandate requires the injection of tainted vaccines for all my children, the children in my care and for myself. 
(SB 792)

Vaccine Mandates affected the churches. It took away my child’s opportunity to attend the church preschool program. I spoke with the leaders about my concerns. Yet, the Church remained silent. They then forced vaccines on all participants of their program including the adults.

No. This wasn’t Idaho. 

This was California… However, it is not going to stop in California 

States across America have begun to remove religious exemptions to vaccinations. Mississippi, New York, West Virginia, and Maine have successfully removed religious exemptions.

I know the Truth. 

Along with this knowledge comes the responsibility to act. 

For it has been said many times before, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men and women do nothing.” 

I created this postcard and personally sent it to 150 churches surrounding Sacramento during the legislation of SB 277 battle in CA. NOT A SINGLE CHURCH IN THE AREA SPOKE UP.
*The vaccine contains DNA not full cell from aborted babies.

To accept and use vaccines built upon the flesh of innocent humans is not an inert act, but rather one of support.  4

It’s time for pro-life Christians to take a stand.  How do we stand? How do we break the stronghold they built with FEAR?

We start by speaking the truth. 



Consistent with the stand so many Christians have taken to defend the sanctity of life, we should also stand for these children who have no voice. Christians and Christian ministries should lead by example, particularly because of the strong positions we already take regarding the sanctity every of human life. The world is looking for integrity.

Unbelievers and believers alike rely on our commitment to the Lord, truth, and reliable content to help them make life-impacting decisions on behalf of their families.

Will taking a stand be hard?


Christians weren’t promised an easy life. 

If the Almighty God is for us, who can be against us? 

Let’s Pray. 

All Mighty God, you created us – formed us in your image. You placed us in THIS TIME. Help us to do your will that you might be glorified in our words and deed.  We humbly come to you seeking wisdom – in the decisions we must make regarding the topic of abortion tainted vaccines and the action we must take. We ask for protection against the ‘evil one’ the liar! We know that Fear is a Liar. Fear doesn’t come from you Lord. When we are afraid – to speak up, afraid of disease and illness, afraid of the reaction of peers and family.. Help us to put our trust in you, Lord. You reminded us in John who we are – and the source of our strength. 
You are from God, little children, and have overcome him BECAUSE Greater is he who is in you than he who is in the world.  I John 4:4



FAQ: How come WI38 is ‘only’ 32 abortions? In six of the abortions, multiple organs were dissected and numbered, hence the difference between the number of abortions (32) and the WI-38 designation. 





5 Rubella Outbreak and abortions related.

Learn More About the Corruption of the Biomedical Industry with this eBook from Jeremy Hammond.


** Chronic Disease includes obesity (which has tripled and causes other health conditions). 

Food Allergies (including those life-threatening) have tripled.

Seizure Disorders all-time high according to the CDC

Asthma increases In the decade from 2001 to 2011, asthma rates rose by as much as 28 percent, according to the CDC.

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