Property Values Declining Near Cell Towers

Is a cell tower going up in your neighborhood? When it comes to cell phone towers, there is increasingly the perception that a family does not want to live next to one. There is good reason for this as the research on health effects shows. Unfortunately, laws set in place by the Federal Government in the late 90's forbid Cities and Counties from denying placement of cell towers based on health concerns. Science has clearly shown that wireless radiation is in fact carcinogenic to humans. The guidelines set in place 20 years ago do NOT take into account the recent scientific information. 

It is the duty of our elected officials to protect citizens using the resources they have available. In the case of the placement of cell towers, they must make their decisions based on property rights, declining property values and the fact that its an 'eye sore'. 

The following articles, videos and studies relate to declining property values around cell tower installations. Start with this excellent, recent investigative piece by a San Francisco Bay Area journalist as posted by 

Please feel free to share these resources with your local city council, County Commissioners and even your State Representatives. Your elected officials are not experts on every issue. They need the assistance of citizens who have experience in each category, to review these rules and provide input. Otherwise, they will be forced to rely primarily on legislative advisers (lobbyist) to provide answers to proposed rule questions. We are partnering with

1.) 94% of people surveyed would not buy or rent a home next to a cell tower:

2.) Palo Alto community successfully stops a proposed AT&T cell tower at a Catholic church. They cite a 20% drop in property values in other communities. A very effective campaign for any neighborhood to model:

As you can see in this recently NY Times article

WHY is it that Palo Alto residents don’t like having cell towers in their community (even though they are the cradle of wireless technology). What do these tech people know that the rest of the population doesn’t?

This community in Berkeley recently did the same thing. They flooded the planning commission with 187 pages of emails against the tower and the application was denied.

3.) Here is an excellent study in The Appraisal Journal that shows cell tower installations negatively impact property values.

4.) NY Times article on how realtors have a hard time selling homes next to cell towers:

This community woke up one morning to find cell phone companies putting up towers right in their front yards.

5.) This is what the National Association of Realtors has to say on this issue:

6.) Nolo Press article noting successful litigation against cell phone tower installations related to declining property values:

7.) NASA scientist sells home of 25 years in Piedmont, CA (wealthy suburb of San Francisco) because city council approves a DAS cell tower near his home:

8.) Excellent summary of various press articles from around the country related to declining property values around cell towers:

9.) Study using the mapping software GIS to show that property values were higher on average away from cell phone tower installations:

10.) New Zealand study showing that property values decrease after cell phone tower installations:

New Zealand Study on Declining Property Values Around Cell Towers

11.) Community stops new DAS cell tower system from being installed based on concerns of property values declining (December 15, 2015):

Note: Communities all around the country are stopping cell towers in their tracks. Here is one community in Colorado that stopped a major tower. Also, this community in Berkeley recently stopped a tower from being built. It can be done if you get your entire community involved. The wealthy community of Hillsborough, CA recently stopped 16 cell towers from being installed after citizen outrage over not being included in the planning process:

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