Protecting Your Parental Rights When CPS Investigates

In our current hyper-vigilant age, more parents are being reported to CPS than ever before. The fact of the matter is that over 80% of the calls that are called into CPS are false and bogus. But CPS says all calls have to be investigated. 80% of Idaho children traumatized by the forced government separation from their parents are eventually returned. Don’t think ‘it can’t happen to me.’ Take any visit by CPS seriously. The most significant mistakes made by parents are usually in the very first encounter. If you can understand how to handle the very first encounter with CPS, you can increase your chances of maintaining your family’s rights and freedom. CPS will often seek to take a family by surprise. Be prepared. *Be polite & SAY AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE. *Do NOT let them in your house. Continue to be nice but STAY FIRM. *Ask permission to ask THEM questions. “I realize you are just doing your job. Would it be ok if I asked you a couple of questions?” Record the conversation. Investigator's contact information. The supervisor's contact information. Details of the allegations. *Close the conversation telling them you will speak to your attorney and get back with them. Close the door. You have to realize that closing the door will not close the investigation, but will allow you to preserve your rights, gather your support and contact your attorney. 

I made this video after a heartbreaking call with a father who told me the story of how his children were taken from their loving home by CPS. His children were taken and put into shelter care. They were given a FULL PHYSICAL without his consent our knowledge. I was horrified as I thought of any one of my children being taken from my home and immediately taken to a stranger that would look all over their little bodies and touch them in places that they never have been. How horrific for our children to lose the safety that their home should provide! How horrific for a parent to be helpless to stop it! I am driven to expose this abuse and I pray that we can stop it.

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