Rep Christy Zito and Rep Heather Scott. We are here to represent YOU!

Rep Christy Zito and Rep Heather Scott. We are here to represent YOU!

Representative Christy Zito and Representative Heather Scott share insight into today’s historic event trying to return Idaho to a representative republic. This was published on Facebook live, downloaded, and reshared on Youtube.

Hi everybody. I’m Representative Christy Zito and I’m here at the Capitol on the house floor with Representative Heather Scott. We just wanted to take a minute and talk about what see happening here today. Representative Barbieri , Idaho District 2 has crafted a beautiful proclamation stating how we feel, how we feel the people of our state feel, and how the people want to be represented. And it’s our plan to sign that today. We need to do something to draw attention to what is happening across our state.

We are still a free society and, and that being said, you can’t just have one person barked out edicts and everybody fall in line and follow. And what we have going on in our, in our city right now is not a Republic form of government. And that’s what we’re hoping to draw attention to and get citizens to wake up and push back on some of the injustices that are happening, right?

And we want it to be from a citizen’s perspective. We’re not here to recall the governor. That’s your job, right? And you’re taking that responsibility and you’re doing a good job with that.

We’re not here to compete. We’re not here to do anything like that at all. We’re here to represent your voice, get that proclamation signed, get it out there so that the world knows no for one person to arbitrarily say, this job is essential. That job’s not essential. You have to wear a mask. This is the United States of America.

This isn’t some third world foreign country where we have someone telling us… sorry, I didn’t get off on this. I apologize.

You know, we’re not a free state in Idaho. Our country’s gone. If we can’t do this in Idaho, well, what are we even doing exactly the last strong hope. We’ve just been too complacent for too long and we really have to get back engaged in our government and maybe try to save what we have left because we are going to do everything we can every day.

And I’m so grateful for all of you that are watching. I’m grateful for the people that showed up here today. Let me do that thing at the gallery here. There are a lot of people outside, a lot of logs gathered here today.

So, you know, this is history-making and, and I’m not because it seems to be making it, but we are part of history, history, and you’re part of history and this video and the people here and everything was taking place. This is historical. Like God bless you. And thank you. Thank you. And you know, let’s, let’s remember, what’s really happening today.

When you hear the headlines of what you may see, that the media will distort today. And we want to make a strong statement and a strong proclamation from the house members that showed up today that worked for the citizens and not the executive branch, not the establishment, not leadership. We are here today because we work for you, the citizens.

And I hope you know that exactly. That’s exactly it.

When, when this first came up a couple of months ago about the legislature showing up, um, we said, we’d be here whatever capacity it was on this day that we would be here to be your voice and represent you. Because like Heather said, I work for you. Don’t work for the state. I’m not looking for chairmanship or you’re accredited to represent you. And a lot of people are looking for appointments. They’re looking for jobs down the road. They’re looking for retirements. We’re here to represent the people and that’s what we’re going to do today. So thanks for watching.

Thank you. We appreciate it. Thank you. God bless you.

The proclamation will be shared here once published for public review.

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