Health Freedom Idaho Response to Take A Stand Now

Health Freedom Idaho Response to Take A Stand Now

After months of support and encouragement from Health Freedom Idaho, the newly founded Take A Stand Now organization decided to publicly distance itself from our support. They cited a difference in “ideas of activism” as the reason for distancing, and insinuated that a literature drop in Senator Winder’s neighborhood had damaged their “integrity.”

Health Freedom Idaho has been active and working diligently to gain ground for health freedom in Idaho for over five years. We have fought for the rights of healthcare workers and all Idahoans to informed consent and bodily autonomy before most even knew they needed to be defended. We have educated ourselves and applied different tactics over the years to build our successful non-profit organization and gain traction politically. In our experience, we have found “access” politics to be a waste of time and effort. It’s a trap set by the elected to make you feel essential but gets absolutely nothing accomplished.

We have learned that politicians will make you feel like you can accomplish something because you’ve had access to them and their time. They will use diversion tactics with “busy work” that has the illusion of progress. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking, and eventually, they wear you out, and time runs out. You are left spinning your wheels trying to earn a living with less time and energy while trying to preserve your liberty. Then, they will claim they have nothing to offer but crumbs. A compromise isn’t a win, it’s not even close to liberty, but they have worn you down and you accept it since it seems better than nothing.

On the other hand, confrontational politics is one of the tools that we credit for our successes. We hold our elected accountable for their votes and decisions while educating their constituents on how these actions affect them. The elected will always be concerned about keeping their power and money.

If the lobbyists’ influence is stronger and louder than the peoples’ voices, we will lose. Freedom loses. 

When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.

Thomas Jefferson

It is unfortunate that TASN fell for the division tactics of Senator Winder and has allowed their powerful voices to be silenced. This is the ‘divide and conquer’ tactic that has always worked with politicians to thwart liberty. We have seen it time and again in our state and in other states.

HFI has had nothing to gain by providing assistance, experience, and support to TASN, other than winning more health freedom in Idaho.

Long-term legislators like Speaker Bedke and Senator Winder have everything to gain by dividing TASN from the largest health freedom activism group in Idaho. They want to keep their control and assure that our unity of voice won’t be louder than IACI (the master they serve).

While TASN continues down the path of access politics, HFI will continue literature drops and respectfully educating the constituents of the politicians who are selling their freedom for money and power.

Holding politicians accountable is the duty of We The People. This is how you defend the Republic!

While we do find their public statement and press release in poor taste, we will NOT hold it against them. On the contrary, we will continue to support health freedom for the entire state, including our healthcare communities. We don’t hold grudges.

Take a Stand Now – if you would like to apologize and unite to defend informed consent and bodily autonomy, we will work together on a stronger, louder, and united front for freedom.

Health Freedom Idaho’s Response to Take a Stand Now

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