SB 1182 Fails. Freedom Wins.

SB 1182 Fails. Freedom Wins.

The Idaho Senate voted 11-24 against SB 1182, the faith healing bill, killing it.
From Executive Director: Miste Karlfeldt

What an amazing day! We’ve all worked so hard to stop a bill that was on the fast track of taking away our parental rights. They will be attacked again next year and we will need to prepare.

But….Today I Celebrate!

#HealthFreedomIdaho #HFI #LibertyForTheWin

How they voted:

Voting yes: Sens. Agenbroad, Bair, Brackett, Davis, Foreman, Hagedorn, Hill, Johnson, Lakey, Rice, and Siddoway.

Voting no: Sens. DenHartog, Anthon, Bayer, Buckner-Webb, Burgoyne, Crabtree, Guthrie, Harris, Heider, Jordan, Keough, Lee, Lodge, Martin, Mortimer, Nonini, Nye, Patrick, Souza, Stennett, Thayn, Vick, Ward-Engelking, and Winder.

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