Senate Race: Who stands FOR Health Freedom?

Our Survey Results regarding informed consent, parental rights, citizen rights, access to CBD oil and holistic practitioner licensing. 
Health Freedom Idaho sent out candidate surveys to those running for office to see where they stand on health freedom, parental rights and informed consent. Those who responded have a link to the survey. Health Freedom Idaho does not endorse any candidate. This information is provided to give insight regarding those candidates who wished to participate in our surveys that pertains to health freedom or parental rights. We invite you to share quotes, resources, information on town hall meetings that may provide insight regarding the candidates in the comments below. Health Freedom Idaho wants to help educate voters as you head to the voting both. We want you to have the information that you need in order to make the best decision for you and your family. We also complied the voting records for the current Senators and Representatives on several key pieces of legislation. Not sure what district you will be voting in? Check here:

District 1

Scott Herndon
learn more about Scott at his campaign site:

Regarding Informed Consent  and Parental Rights

I would like to abolish CPS and train and fund local law enforcement in genuine child neglect and abuse cases. That way, we would not have a full-time governmental agency that abuses constitutional rights involved at all. Parents should have full sovereignty over the medical decisions for their children.

Regarding Licensing of Holistic Practitioners

A license is a grant of permission, and I think the free market ought to be used to discern the qualifications of naturopaths and other wholistic practitioners. Then, leave it to the wholistic healthcare industry to create their own industry standards and private industry board certifications by which they certify the qualifications of their practitioners.

District 8

Marla Lawson
learn more about Marla at her campaign website:

Regarding Informed Consent  and Vaccines

I think there is validity to concerns over the danger of today's vaccines. I also feel parents should have say so as to what medicines and treatments are given to their children. 

Regarding Licensing of Holistic Practitioners

I  am not familiar at this time what licensing requirements there are, but am a fan of natural medicine.

District 14

Todd Hatfield
learn more about Todd at his campaign site:

Regarding Informed Consent

Citizens are due as much information as possible from their governmental agencies regarding any and all health and safety notification. Rights are not granted by government, government protects the inalienable rights of the individual.

Regarding denied treatment for a gravely ill child

Gravely ill is different than intentional harm and laws are in place to address the later. Having said this, as a Christian who believes God has given us an intellect, He has provided a means to alleviate many situations where grave illnesses had no medical remedy. Faith and Reason are complimentary, not incompatible.

District 14

Natalie Feuerstein
learn more about Natalie at her campaign site:

Regarding Informed Consent  and Parental Rights

Children deserve to be raised, protected, and represented by their loving parents, without government interference. When it comes to raising children, parents know best. As a mom of four children - all with different interests, dislikes, needs and personalities, I know that there is no one-size-its-all method to parenting. Parents have a vital and irreplaceable role in the physical, mental, emotional well-being of their children. As a senator, I will work tirelessly to protect children by empowering parents. I believe that each person, parent, and guardian should be free to choose how to maintain wellness and treat illness. I am committed to promoting and preserving the right to access the healing and heal care, information, and services that Idahoans deem necessary for their own health and survival. I will protect the unalienable human right to self determination in all aspects of health freedom, parental rights,informed consent at the individual level, and the freedom to choose the modality of health and healing.

District 14

Ted Hill
learn more about Ted at his campaign site:

Regarding parent rights in medical decisions of a gravely ill child

The individual and the family need to be the primary deciders in their personal choices of modality of health and end of life decisions.

Regarding licensing, especially when it comes to holistic practitioners such as Naturopaths

Licensing is appropriate and adequate disclosures on the limitations of Naturopaths in some circumstances.  

District 15

Sarah Clendenon
learn more about Sarah at her campaign site:

Regarding Informed Consent 

I am always in favor of informed consent and disclosure. However, in the case of a private company putting up towers or devices on their own property, they certainly have a right to do so. So it depends on whether this is a private company or government entity installing this type of potentially dangerous equipment. Any time state or local government installs anything, it should absolutely be only after informed consent and disclosure has taken place.

Regarding Holistic Licensing

Licensing is nothing more than being forced to ask government permission to practice your trade. And not only that, but being forced to pay the government to allow it, once they approve. I think there is a false sense of security in licensing, and that the free market is capable of regulating professionals more appropriately.

District 17

David Dehaas

Regarding informed consent, rights of citizens and government.

The people have the right to know what and how any product will affect there body. The public has the right to know and weigh in on any service, product or action on the part of the government will affect there well being.

Regarding the rights of citizens and government

Government has no "rights". All rights are inherent in citizens. The government has a duty to keep citizens apprised as to risks dangers of anything that might adversely affect their health or safety. Citizens have a right so such information. 

District 21

Joe Evans
learn more about Joe at 

Regarding licensing of holistic practitioners

Validated graduation from an appropriate educational institution with an appropriate course of study should be adequate license.
We do want some displayed competency on the subject as well as honest disclosure.

Regarding the rights of citizens and the government

The role of government is not to protect people from themselves, but to protect people from the unscrupulous. How a parent raises their child, as long as it does not endanger their child's right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, or place others at risk, should not be dictated by the state.
Understanding that group consensus in communities is all that would be required for city or county spraying in mosquito abatement or similar conditions to occur, health aware families may want to move to communities more amenable to their wishes.

District 23

Mark Rhatigan
learn more about Mark at

Regarding the rights of parents

The parental rights and responsibilities are not to be ended, they again are natural rights, the heath dept. nor CPS have parental rights delegated to them.

Regarding Informed Consent and the rights of citizen.

I believe we have been given Maximum Liberty to utilize ones own rights, whether personal or parental, as given by our creator, to use our freedom balanced with morality, and all the responsibilities that are tied to that.  That said, it is our responsibility not our governments, to keep ourselves as completely informed with unbiased (special interest agendas withheld) information, so we can make educated decisions for our families, as issues come up. 

District 28
Alan Curtis

Regarding informed consent

Let citizens know what government is doing. USDA planted cyanide bombs around Pocatello without telling anyone. Until a boy and his dog ran into one and the dog died.

Regarding Holistic Practitioner Licensing

Let them license. It would increase public safety by setting standards of education and training in their field, whereas right now I could claim I'm a naturalistic doctor (trust me, I'm not).

2018 Legislative Election SENATE

Vera Gadman
Danielle Ahrens

Scott Herndon

Jim Woodward

Dale Broadsword
Steve Vick (I)
Shon Luoma (L)
Patrick Lippert
Don Cheatham

Cory Jane English
Mary Souza (I)

Michael Pereira

David Nelson
Dan Foreman (I)

Marshall Comstock

No candidate
Dan Johnson (I)

No candidate
Carl G. Crabtree (I)

No candidate
Steven Thayn (I)
Kirsten Faith Richardson (Constitution)

Marla Lawson
No candidate
Abby Lee (I)

Evangeline Beechler
Jim Rice (I)

Harold Coles Jr.
Patti Anne Lodge (I)

Edward Savala
Zach Brooks

Chelle Gluch
Todd Lakey (I)

No candidate
Jeff C. Agenbroad (I)

Richard Boozel
Darin Driscoll

Natalie Feuerstein

C. Scott Grow

Todd Hatfield

Ted Hill

Jim Bratnober
Fred S. Martin (I)

Sarah Clendenon

Grant Burgoyne (I)
LeeJoe Lay

Ryan McDonald

Maryanne Jordan (I)
David DeHaas

Janie Ward-Engelking (I)
No candidate

Cherie Buckner-Webb (I)
Aaron Tribble

No candidate
Chuck Winder (I)


Mark Johnson

Dawn Pierce
Clifford Bayer (I)
Joe Evans (L)
Mik Lose
Lori Den Hartog (I)

No candidate
Bert Brackett (I)


Mark Rhatigan

No candidate
Lee Heider (I)


Jay Waters III

No candidate
James Patrick (I)


Terry Edwards

Michelle Stennett (I)
Julie Lynn

No candidate
Kelly Anthon (I)

Mike Saville
Jim Guthrie (I)

Alan Curtis

Mark Nye (I)
Lance B. Kolbet

No candidate
Dean Mortimer (I)

No candidate
Steve Bair (I)

No candidate
Mark Harris (I)


Noall Wolff

Jerry Sehlke
Tony Potts (I)

David Lent

Robert Nielsen
Brent Hill (I)

No candidate
Van Burtenshaw


Jud Miller

We invite you to share quotes, resources, information on town hall meetings that may provide insight regarding the candidates in the comments below. Health Freedom Idaho wants to help educate voters as you head to the voting both.

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