She Overcame 10 Diagnoses, 55 Allergies and Chronic Pain!

She Overcame 10 Diagnoses, 55 Allergies and Chronic Pain!

Romy’s Journey

Romy was diagnosed at 7 yrs old with Chronic Neuro-Lyme Disease, Bartonella, Babesia, Mycoplasma, Chlamydia, EB, HV6, Strep, and multiple food and environmental allergies (IgE). She received Lyme congenitally from her mother, in utero, as well as receiving multiple exposures throughout her young life.


Romy lived with 26 excruciating pain areas all over her body – muscles, joints, literally any skin surface was painful to the touch. Romy had a very scary experience with a Lyme-induced seizure on New Years Eve in the beginning of her journey.

Romy had to be carried or transported in a stroller, shopping cart, or wheelchair in order to prevent fire-like pain shooting up from her calves.  This pain was so sharp and agonizing, she would scream.  She could walk about one block without triggering this pain.
Full-body tics would prevent her from sleeping.  At one point she could not run but “gallop” and drag her foot behind her.  She experienced  facial tics and vocal tics, very swollen/painful throat, fatigue, sensory integration dysfunction, food/environmental allergies, thermoregulation problems, blurry/sandy eyes, encephalitis, and inflammation in every joint.

Paranoia, clinginess, night terrors, OCD, aggression, fears, anxiety, and poor executive functioning.  She had a pounding, frontal headache for over two years.

She is now FREE and HEALED!!
An individualized, dynamic protocol of antibiotics, herbs, supplements, homeopathy, organic GF whole foods, exercise, sleep, detox, and monitoring by mom and LLMDs on a regular, frequent schedule. Cornerstones were long-term antibiotic therapy, Cowden, and homeopathy.

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