" Guys, my heart is of my old friends from years ago had a 4 month old baby that was born days before my son.
She vaccinated her son.....I begged her not to but she was hard headed.
Her son had a pediatrician appointment 2 days ago.
He got his 4 month vaccines. She kissed him goodnight and when she woke up, he had left this world to be with the angels."

I searched through the comments on her post, of parents who were both angry and sad... I found it. The cause of death? It was recorded as "SIDS".

KNOW THIS: Vaccines are pretty much NEVER considered as a potential culprit in the death of a child. It is wholeheartedly, ignorantly, assumed and blindly believed that vaccines are perfectly safe, and more often than not, the medical professionals will vehemently defend the vaccines if they are questioned... To voice the idea, that just maybe, the neurotoxic, hepatotoxic, and immunotoxic substances in the vaccines could possibly have caused this...? They will shut you down and assure you that there's zero possibility. There was even a case where healthy twin infants both died, simultaneously, two days post-vaccination, and it was documented as "SIDS".

What we know: SIDS occurs most often at 2, 4, and 6 months of age... when several vaccines (typically 7-8 vaccines) are administered all at once, and research has shown that an infant is nearly 8x more likely to die within *three days* following vaccination with pertussis, compared to 30 days later.

SIDS. This is what is documented when the cause of death is unknown. Essentially, this is what the medical professionals are saying:

"We have no clue what caused this healthy baby to suddenly die, even though this baby received vaccines for 8 different diseases today/yesterday/just a few days ago, but because we have been assured that vaccines are safe (yet have no clue what is actually *in* them, nor how those substances affect the body), it's definitely NOT the vaccines, we 'know' that for sure..."

In 2015 statistics were gathered resulting in a 23 page report of 100's of children are reported dead after vaccines labeled SIDS. 

Some little known facts about SIDS...

-Did you know that the term "SIDS" or "sudden infant death syndrome" was not termed by the medical community until shortly after vaccines were introduced in the 1960s? Not a coincidence...

-Did you know that cases of SIDS occurs most frequently at 2 months, 4 months, and 6 months of age (when vaccines are administered)? Not a coincidence...

-Did you know that the first vaccine, Hepatitis B, is given on the first day of life contains the known neurotoxin aluminum? The U.S leads the developed world in first-day newborn death. Not a coincidence...

-Did you know that the U.S has the highest infant mortality rate in the world and also has the most aggressive vaccination program? Not a coincidence...

-Did you know that Mississippi has the highest vaccination rate (99.9% compliance) and also the highest rate of SIDS in the country? Again, not a coincidence.

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