Simple tips to prepare a healthy meal - that keeps you feeling full

Many people like the idea of eating a nutritious meal, but they complain that healthy food just does not fill them up the way that other foods do. While it's true that junk food, with its emphasis on carbs and fat, might take away your hunger, it can often leave you feeling sluggish or completely stuffed – not to mention what it does to your body! Thankfully, there is an easy formula to follow to make sure that you can eat a healthy meal that won't leave you rummaging through the pantry an hour later.

Here are a healthy meal's components. Read more at Natural News' site

  1. Start with a lean protein. 

  2. Use plenty of fiber-rich vegetables. 

  3. Include a "good" carbohydrate. 

  4. Add a plant-based fat. 

  5. Don't skip the herbs and spices.

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