Simple Way to Become an Educated Voter

Simple Way to Become an Educated Voter

Safeguarding parental authority, individual health freedom is the key founding principles of Health Freedom Idaho. Voting for legislators who value liberty is the foundation way of preserving our freedom.
~HFI does not endorse any candidate.
~HFI WILL post about candidates when they do, say, or write something that pertains to health freedom or parental rights. We invite you to do the same.
~HFI will share events with you, such as town hall meetings, that may provide insight regarding the candidates.
~HFI wants to help educate voters as you head to the voting booth. We want you to have the information that you need in order to make the best decision for you and your family.

1.  Do you know your district? Do you know your legislators?

Easily Check: 

Who’s My Legislator?

2. Learn about their voting, their sponsors, their promises/commitments:
Republican Liberty Caucus

3. Vote Educated.

How did your legislator vote on Health Freedom, Parental Rights, and Informed Consent Issues?


Now MORE THAN EVER, we need to make sure to vote in FREEDOM MINDED CONSTITUTIONAL REPRESENTATIVES, SENATORS and SHERIFFS. Our Primary Election in May 2020 will be by mail-in ballot or absentee ballot only.

May 19, 2020: Registration and ballot request deadline for statewide primary *WILL BE HELD BY ABSENTEE BALLOT ONLY
June 2, 2020: Ballot return deadline for statewide primary
November 3, 2020: General election

The important thing to remember is that you should Request your Absentee Ballot TODAY!

Greg Pruett makes some good points about Mail-In Ballots.
In his article Don’t Let Mail-In Ballots Become Permanent

Greg says,

“…voting through the mail is ripe for abuse. States already deal with voter fraud issues for in-person voting. Can you imagine not having to worry about showing up at the polls at all?

The Heritage Foundation has released a report detailing some of the voter fraud convictions across the country. Ten of those cases are from Idaho!

He brings up some very valid concerns about absentee voting.

How does mail-in (absentee) voting work in Idaho? 

So, here is my experience so far with Idaho’s “absentee” process which is how we’ll all vote this May.

The interesting part is that to request my ballot I filled out a form from the Canyon County Elections Office.

However, no identification was required to request the ballot. I simply filled out the form and dropped it through the “Mail” slot on the wall of the building.

Now, I am on a list of people who have “Requested” a ballot.

This information is all public record. For the election, many candidates get the “Absentee Request” list so they know which voters to reach out to.

Therefore, my address is public record.

So, if someone with nefarious intentions were to find out when the ballots got sent out, they could check my mail for my ballot.

Once they retrieve my ballot, they can fill it out and send it back without me ever knowing what happened!

Now, normally only a set number of people vote “absentee” so the ability to do this is somewhat limited.

But, if every person in the state votes through the mail in every election, we may run into bigger fraud cases.

Perhaps some clerk angry with a particular party decides to “dump” a bunch of ballots and never sends them out.

Identification and verification of the process are crucial to protecting our sacred right to vote.

This is yet another thing to bring up with your Legislator when you reach out to talk to them about your concerns! Find your Legislators here:

Health Freedom Idaho is a volunteer organization that was formed by concerned citizens in response to a bevy of policy and philosophy shifts happening in our nation, and in particular, the great state of Idaho. 

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