Special Session and the People’s Representatives

Special Session and the People’s Representatives

One can speak liberty and freedom but it is only till you see it in action does one truly sees you are more than words. A limited number of the people’s representatives showed up today. Each was given the opportunity to speak to the people who packed the house galley and watched on live streaming video.

Here are the live streams from today:
MISTE KARLFELDT, Health Freedom Idaho

Our Liberty Minded Representatives

You do not represent the Governor, the agencies, or any other executive branch member.  You represent the people who you seek to gain our votes each election.  You want our vote then get out there and REPRESENT US! 

Dist 2 Rep. Vito Barbieri(R)
Dist 9 Rep. Judy Boyle(R)
Dist 32 Rep. Chad Christensen(R)
Dist 13 Rep. Brent Crane(R)
Dist 8 Rep. Terry Gestrin
Dist 7 Priscilla Giddings(R)
Dist 6 Rep. Mike Kingsley(R)
Dist 3 Rep. Ron Mendive(R)
Dist 8 Rep. Dorothy Moon
Dist. 11 Rep. Tammy Nichols
Dist 2 Rep. Tim Remington
Dist 1 Rep. Heather Scott
Dist 7 Rep. Paul Shepherd
Dist  3 Rep. Tony Wisniewski(R)
Dist 23 Rep Christy Zito(R) 
We the People of Idaho THANK YOU for doing the job we sent you there to do.  
#StandOnTruth #StandStrong

Today’s Wrap Up

Do the Legislators how the authority to represent the people
without the Governor’s express permission?

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