Special Session Update

Special Session Update

Each potential bill goes through a 5 step journey once the committee has approved it for printing. Our special session opened today with the RS introduction and voting on which bills would be heard for this session.

TODAY’S SPECIAL SESSION UPDATE: TOMORROW IS A BUSY DAY FOR THE HOUSE: They have several bills to debate and vote on.

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These 3 bills below will be on STEP 2 of 5 of their journey to becoming law. They were heard at the committee level and will now go to the floor for a vote by ALL the Representatives.

Here’s the EMAIL LIST to make comments on these bills/resolutions

**These bills passed committee and will be heard on the floor session Tuesday, August 25 in the morning – around 8:30 am.


These bills are on their THIRD STEP towards becoming a law. They will go to the HOUSE side to be discussed and voting on in committee.

S1001a  Elections, absentee ballots – Procedures for Absentee Ballots

S1002  Elections, procedures, vote centers for in person voting

**Liability Immunity 4 Bills to be reviewed, discussed and voted upon. Meeting to be continued Tuesday. Time to be determined.

Here’s our write up about the problems with the liability immunity.

These 4 similar bills are still being discussed and the meeting that will continue tomorrow after the House Floor Session. PUBLIC TESTIMONY to continue tomorrow a.m. (If you want to hear some FREEDOM LOVERS testify tune in midmorning tomorrow. *We will update when they provide a room number.)

If you want to add your testimony send it to Email Written Testimony to: ConstituentServices@house.idaho.gov

Summary of today’s events from Legislative Journals

HOUSE: https://legislature.idaho.gov/wp-content/uploads/sessioninfo/2020spcl/journals/hday1.pdf

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For the latest information on House, Senate and committee meeting times and agendas, please visit the Idaho Legislature’s page    

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