The Importance of Truth: Vaxxed 2

Anyone who questions what is in vaccines, or the side effects of vaccines, has now been declared by the World Health Organization as one of the top 10 greatest health threats of 2019. The World Health Organization continues to promote vaccines even though the manufacturer's inserts reflect that vaccines contain intentional and unintentional contaminates that has not been evaluated for the potential to cause carcinogenicity, genotoxicity, or impairment of fertility. 

In other words, WHO says that those individuals with concerns about the safety of injecting neurotoxins and biological contamination are as dangerous as the Ebola virus. 

Vaccines are proven to contain




and the Adverse Events Reporting that shows thousands of families have suffered from injury and death as a direct result of vaccines.Vaccine Manufacturer Insert

The World Health Organization is panicking because their agenda is being exposed.

Their anti- agenda becomes obvious when they are exposed for their lack of help in countries are suffering from natural disasters lacking food and clean water. WHO and UN didn't provide water filters and sanitation instead brought in toxin-laden vaccines. When the media buries the truth of the 2.3 million WHO sponsored vaccines that were laced with anti-fertility hormones administered in Africa.


A ground swell of truth seeking individuals are needed to support the new fact based production Vaxxed2. This production is due to release this summer. This movie will be crowd-funded and needs the support of ALL those who love truth and the freedom. DONATE HERE

This summer is the scheduled release of

Vaxxed II tells the people's story about the biggest lie ever told.  Follow up to Vaxxed the Movie.  Help support this film! This film features the families whose children were maimed and killed by vaccines it will further bring to light the corrupt industry. See the TRUTH that the Government, Doctors, and Big Pharma never wanted you to know.We encourage you to support the production and screening of this movie. Truth is powerful!

Support Free Speech. 

Look for Vaccine Truth Video 

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