Table Rock Mobile Medicine and Mock Mother whose Child is Dead from Vaccines

Table Rock Mobile Medicine and Mock Mother whose Child is Dead from Vaccines

This past week, there was a Vaxxed II showing at the Village in Meridian. Upon arrival at the theater, people in attendance noticed a table outside the front of the building, with a sign that said: “VACCINES SAVE LIVES”. It was Bradley Bigford of Table Rock Medicine, along with “Get Immunized, Idaho”. (*He’s spent hours on Health Freedom Idaho Facebook page trolling. And cried ‘victim’ to get attention from local media)

A mother of a child who was killed by vaccines, along with her sister in-law, walked up to the booth, only partially seeing the sign because of people standing in front of the table, and assuming that this was where they were supposed to sign in to watch the documentary.

Once they realized the sign said “VACCINES SAVE LIVES”, the two women looked at each other knowingly and began to walk away.

Brad noticed that they weren’t happy to see the sign, so he made sure to tell them, “Vaccines save lives!”

The mother was going to walk away, but her sister-in-law spoke up, and said, “Tell that to my nephew who is ten feet in the ground.”

And Brad (or his associate) responded, “Only ten feet!” And *LAUGHED* at this heart-broken mother and her sister-in-law as they walked away.

The child who died was partially vaccinated up to age 15 months. Just like Evee, Catie Clobes daughter, who died with a red, sandpaper rash on her cheeks, so did this boy. At his 15 month visit, mom decided to catch him up on the vaccines he hadn’t received yet. Within two days he spiked a fever, so she decided to contact the on-call nurse. The nurse told her to alternate with Tylenol and Motrin. The next day, her son did not wake up. 💔

No mother should suffer the trauma of being mocked and heckled over death of her child. A child she vaccinated. Shame on your representative and Bradley Bigford of Table Rock Medicine.

Bradley Bigford is a Nurse Practitioner, who, as I mentioned above owns a local mobile medicine service. The entire purpose of him showing up unannounced to a Vaxxed 2 showing – a movie about vaccine injured and killed children – was to mock them and tell them they’re clueless, and that vaccines didn’t kill their child. Just standing there with a table and sign that says, “VACCINES SAVE LIVES” is mocking them.

As you can see in the pictures, Brad, along with “Get Immunized, Idaho”, are PROUD of themselves. They are *PROUD* to be mocking vaccine injured and killed children and their families, at a showing of a documentary featuring thousands of families who have suffered as a result of vaccines.

I approached him much later, not having known there had been an event. When I asked him if he knew any vaccine-injured people he said it’s as rare as being struck by lightning, “one in ten million.” And just hours before he had mocked the death of a precious child.

– Jennifer

Even at 1 in a million which we know is much much higher. That is still 74 death if each received only 1 vaccine a year (which we know is much higher). How would we be treated if we completely dismissed a child who died from an illness?

It’s not surprising that Brad is such a proponent of vaccines… he admitted on his own Facebook page that he administered 800 flu shots alone this past year by the time November rolled around.

His business depends on injecting people with liability-free pharmaceutical products that contain toxic substances, aren’t even effective, and cause adverse events he turns a blind eye to.

Regardless of whether or not Brad “believes” that vaccines can harm and kill children (THEY DO), what kind of person LAUGHS at and MOCKS dead children and their mothers?

Shame on you Brad.
Shame on you “Get Immunized, Idaho”.

Oh, and don’t forget to zoom in on the green table cloth that says “United Nations Foundation”…

Wife Nancy of Table Rock Medicine is worried about how this will affect their business and felt compelled to let everyone know that they won’t get rich injecting people with liability-free medical products – they are in it to ‘help people’.

Nancy Myrick Bigs, unfortunately, this isnt a discussion about whether vaccines are good or bad. It is a discussion about actions your husband and associates took that were unacceptable.

Maybe you and your husband should have a serious discussion about whether or not setting up a booth in front of a theater that is showcasing a movie about families that have been traumatized by the realities of a serious vaccine reaction is acceptable? Your husband openly mocked these people by placing a booth in front of the theater of how vaccines save lives. When vaccines are also responsible for taking lives and some of these people have lost loved ones to vaccines.
To ignore this and pretend that his actions were okay is just as reprehensible as what he and his associates did.

Having some common decency and respect for others goes a LONG way.

A mom, a wife, an educated person who also went to nursing school, a survivor of a vaccine reaction and a mother to a beautiful little girl that almost died from a reaction

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