The Connection Between Food, Toxins and Autoimmune Disease

So, it's New Year! Everywhere you turn, people are talking about resolving to get stay healthier! But it's not so easy, is it?

When it comes to getting healthy, Dr. Tom O’Bryan’s goal for you is: "Making It Easy to Do the Right Thing." 

Dr. Tom is known as the "Sherlock Holmes" of chronic disease and metabolic disorders. He sleuths into chronic illness so that you can have better information and access to solutions. 

As an internationally recognized, admired and compassionate speaker focusing on food sensitivities, environmental toxins, and the development of autoimmune diseases, Dr. Tom’s audiences discover that it is through a clear understanding of how you got to where you are, that you and your Dr. can figure out what it will take to get you well.

In November 2016, Dr. O’Bryan released his series, "Betrayal: The Autoimmune Disease Solution They’re Not Telling You," an investigation into why our immune system, designed to protect us, begins attacking our own tissue (which is known as autoimmunity). Currently, over 500,000 people worldwide have watched the Docuseries.

Dr. Tom was recently interviewed by Boise naturopath, Dr. Michael Karlfeldt about brain health. As the author of "You Can Fix Your Brain" Dr. Tom provides fantastically useful information to empower us with specific steps that can make an immediate difference in your brain’s vitality, clarity, and energy. Little tweaks can make a major difference, from what you eat, to your environment and self-care strategies. 

We all could use a little better memory, increased mental energy and less brain fog, right?  

For a very practical summary of what you can do to fix your brain and have better cognitive abilities, this podcast is 40 minutes very well spent.

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