The Health Freedom Movement is about human rights

The Health Freedom Movement has MILLIONS protesting in non-stop demonstrations all across Italy! For over a month Italians have been protesting in every city against a brutal proposed law that if approved will make 53 doses of vaccines mandatory. They’re not only fighting for their own children, they’re fighting to MAKE SURE these heinous laws do not pass in other countries. UNITY is an unstoppable force! Here In the U.S. and in our home state of Idaho we must stand together..hold our ground against a tide of laws and mandates that intend on stripping us of basic human rights. 

Do you see what is happening in Italy, my freedom loving friends? Millions of people are taking to the streets to rally for their human rights.   I am hearing from people with family members in Italy that they are rallying every single day.  They are shouting that they will not give into these mandates.   They are shouting to their government that it is their human right to make decisions for their own children's health and well-being.    

 I received a message from a mother in Italy. She does not know me but is desperately seeking anyone that can help her protect her children.   Her message said this:

"Help me, help me

I'm an Italian mom

Have issued a decree law where they oblige to vaccinate all 0-16 year old children with 12 vaccines by September

Suspension of parental authority ...... I already have a daughter who has had vaccine damages and I do not want to risk

Help me is a fascist law

Do not leave us alone. please help help" 

It breaks my heart because I know that here in the United States of America we are not far from this same kind of soul wrenching desperation. 


Have you all seen who President Trump has chosen to be head of the CDC?  Vaccine advocate Brenda Fitzgerald will soon be running the CDC. The same CDC that has falsified documents regarding the MMR and vaccines. They destroy documents that would've shown the correlation between the MMR vaccine and autism especially in African-American boys.  The CDC  has not been held accountable for their lie to Congress, our medical professionals, or parents.


Did you know that California passed a bill mandating all school aged children to be vaccinated according to the CDC vaccine schedule in order to attend school? Did you know that California requires an adult to be up-to-date on vaccines in order to volunteer in their child's classroom? 

Laws passed last year in California eliminated the right of in-home daycares and preschool teachers to operate unless teachers/owners are vaccinated. Even in home private daycare with religious opposition toabortion tainted vaccineswere force vaccinated or close their doors. 

 Did you know that our military is being forced to receive vaccines?    

So, where does Idaho stand in all of this?   Idaho has a vaccine reporting system called IRIS.  This used to be something that parents could opt into if they wanted their child's vaccine record to be tracked.   In 2015 our legislature voted to make IRIS  an opt out. 

How many of you know that you need to opt your children out if you don't want your child's vaccines tracked?  How many of you know that you have to opt out every single time you take your child to the doctor?  Did you know that you have to opt out after the doctor reports your visit? What if you send your opt out before the doctor actually sends the record?   Well then, you didn't actually opt them out at all and you will never know.  During the 2017 legislative session a bill was before our legislators attempting to expand IRIS to adults.  Health Freedom Idaho was able to help stop that bill on the house floor.  Let's think about this for a minute, why would they need to start tracking adult vaccines? Maybe they are laying the groundwork for not only mandating childhood vaccines but also adult vaccines. 

Healthcare workers in Idaho are being forced to receive vaccinations or face losing their jobs.

Parents are being bullied every single day. Parents message me about their stories hoping that I can help.

  •  One parent let me know about a spinal tap that was performed on her child against her will. She was told that if she didn't allow the spinal tap that CPS will get involved.  
  • Another parent told me about a blood draw to test her healthy 1 year old child for lead poisoning. It was being required by her state provided insurance. She did not want her one-year-old strap down for this blood draw. She asked if It could be done with a heel prick instead seeing that was a viable way to draw blood for this test. She was denied that request since her child was over one.  Of course, they require this test after the child turns one.   
  • Yet another parent let me know that she took her child to the hospital for dehydration. She was threatened that CPS would get involved if she didn't allow her child to be vaccinated before leaving the hospital.  These parents are too scared to speak out for fear that CPS will show up on their doorstep.

The Idaho Health and Welfare Department is requiring our schools to collect an immunization exemption form in order for our children to attend school. This form is completely against statute 39-4802(2) which clearly states " only minor child whose parent or guardian has submitted the signed statement to school officials stating their objections I'm religious or other grounds shall be exempt from the provisions of this chapter."   This means that all we need to do is sign a statement. We do not need to list out our child's HIPA protected information and provide the school with which vaccines are children have or have not had. 

Are you seeing the trend, friend?  If we continue to allow our liberties to be taken little by little we will soon find ourselves taking to the streets and shouting that our human rights must not be violated so atrociously.  We must hold the line now!  We are at the most crucial stage for our state and our country.  We must stand shoulder to shoulder, putting aside any other differences.  Our focus must be our human rights for the protection of our children, our families, our communities, our great state of Idaho, and our beautiful land of liberty the United States of America.  


There are many areas that we need to hold the line. Our food, our water, our air, our body freedom applies to all these. We must amplify our voice, hold law makers accountable. We can not do that without your help. Your small membership fee is a small way to help us focus on these big issues. 

Still think vaccines are safe? Check this out while it’s still playing!

<<< Revisions to the Italian mandate have already been made thanks to these protests, yet Italy will NOT QUIT until there are no tyrannical mandates at ALL!

 Networking, exemption information and doctor resources:

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