The Immune System Complex and Not Completely Understood

The Immune System Complex and Not Completely Understood

“We don’t know what caused it (the paralysis or the SIDs death), but it wasn’t the vaccines.” These are comments made by media, by doctors, by individuals who hold tightly to the belief that vaccines are life-saving and beneficial and should be mandated for all.

“Science is settled!” they shout ignoring the apparent connection of damage and injury to vaccinations for some individuals.

If science is considered settled, then it is no longer studied objectively and by definition can no longer be considered science.

54% of our children are suffering from chronic illness and disease.  And OBVIOUSLY there much we are doing wrong! Obviously, following the USDA for diet and the FDA for protection from toxins and CDC recommendations for protection from disease is failing us.

For example, doctors often can’t tell you why your child has allergies, asthma, Celiac disease, diabetes, eczema, multiple sclerosis, POTS, SIDS, or thyroid problems, etc., There is much we don’t know about the developing the immune system.

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