The Organic City: Portland, Maine Just Banned Toxic Pesticides on Public and Private Property

In a landmark move, Portland, Maine's City Council just unanimously voted to only allow organic pesticides on its public lands and on private property. 

After two and a half years of debate, the Council ruled that safer, organic pesticide sources were the right choice for their citizens. Seriously, a major high-five and hand-clap to these nine city officials. 

“It was a lot of work that took place over a lot of months, but I think the people of Portland should be very proud,” Mayor Ethan Strimling said.

A private group presented the City Council with a draft ordinance back in August 2015. The movement gained more than 1,300 signatures, and led to a study and several hearings of the Task Force for pesticide use. A preliminary bill was formed after study and debate, after which careful refinements were made to the bill. The final bill was passed on January 3, 2018, with its enforcement to begin in July 2018 on certain properties. 

One of the most widely used environmental products is glyphosate, which is sold under the popular brand name Roundup. In addition to being labeled by the World Health Organization a "probably carcinogen" in 2015, the product has been linked with heart disease, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, liver disease, cataracts and “leaky gut,” a suspected precursor for multiple sclerosis. Monsanto’s own studies have shown that glyphosate can cause prostate cancer, bladder cancer, adenoma cancer, brain tumors, lung cancer and skin cancer. 

So why are we spraying toxins this like water on our yards, parks and crops? 

Let's take a cue from Portland, Maine's decision to protect its citizens and land from toxic pesticides. People can make a difference. Grassroots movements can lead to change. It's well with the effort when we consider the consequences if we don't speak up and defend our rights for good health. 

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Photo courtesy of Wendell on Flickr

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