The Political Divide on Health Freedom Legislation

Why is it that Health Freedom Idaho, a non-partisan organization, always seems to support Republican Legislation? Health Freedom Idaho supports legislation that encourages parental authority, informed consent and health freedom. The majority of liberty protecting, parental rights supporting and vaccine choice legislation comes from that party! 

Don't believe us - take a look These are fact, supported by evidence. We went through EVERY single vaccine bill across the country and looked into who authored them, the bad AND the good.

The DANGEROUS bills include things like:

  • allowing doctors to administer HPV and Hep B vaccine to minors without parental consent
  • forced vaccination and medical treatment under certain circumstances.
  • requiring a signature from your doctor to obtain a religious exemption
  • mandating of the HPV vaccine
  • various forms of tracking and registering vaccination status in public and private databases

The ENCOURAGING bills include:

21 dangerous bills with 56 authors
🔹47 of them Democrats 🔺9 Republicans

11 encouraging bills with 22 authors
🔺21 of them Republican and 🔹 1 Democrat

I cannot tell you how many time I have been told that this isn't a party line issue. I can't tell you how many times my liberal friends have argued with me that the Conservative legislators are just as dangerous and won't support us in this fight either. The proof is in the pudding guys. 

  • 85% of the authors are Democrats on the bills to take away your right to refuse vaccines.

  • 95% of the authors are Republicans on the bills that support our right to choose.

These 👏🏼 Are 👏🏼 The 👏🏼 FACTS 👏🏼



Log in to often throughout the coming months to see action alerts for high priority bills, bill information with status and action updates for priority bills tracked by NVIC, and announcements specific for your state.  We keep the NVIC Advocacy Portal updated daily so this is your best place to see what bills are filed, moving, and actions you need to take to protect and promote your rights!

2.  EMAIL: Make sure you are registered at with an active email address to receive high priority legislative action alerts for your state and check that email address often.  When there is a highly critical legislative action item, we will send you a customized email.

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INFORMATION RESOURCES·  BILLS TO WATCH ON THE NVICAP HOMEPAGE OR PROPOSED LEGISLATION ON YOUR STATE PAGE: Every bill that we post on the NVIC Advocacy Portal has links to the bill on its originating state legislative site, our position on the bill, a description of what the bill does, any action required, and its recent status in the legislative process. Take advantage of what our NVIC Advocacy Team does so well by using our information to follow bills.  If critical action is needed, you will see a corresponding ACTION ALERT with talking points and positions posted on the NVICAP as well. The default view for alerts and bills is set to “current,” to limit bills listed to the current session but to see all bills and alerts from previous years outside of the current session, change the “view” drop down from “current” to “expired.” This can be very useful to see what happened in previous sessions.·  

YOUR LEGISLATORS’ CONTACT INFORMATION: When you are logged in to the NVICAP and viewing any bill or action alert, we automatically display YOUR PERSONAL legislators’ names and contact information.  We uniquely generate and display it for you personally every time you log in so contacting your legislators and sharing your position on bills through office visits, phone, email, web contact, or social media is easy!

Become a Citizen Lobbyist: 

Communicating with your Legislator

How to Call Your Legislator

Meeting Legislators in Person

OUR MISSION: We are committed to promote and preserve for the people of Idaho the right to access the healing and health care treatment, information, and services of their choice which they determine are necessary for their own health and survival; protect practitioners' right to practice; develop state laws, statutes, and codes that honor our inalienable human right to self determination in all aspects of our own and our children's health; and empower the citizens of Idaho by advocating understanding of the laws and factors impacting their right to access.  

Much Thanks to Shawna Marie for taking the time to research each of these bills nationwide and document the party divide.

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