The priest who volunteered for Moderna COVID-19 vaccine trial dies

The priest who volunteered for Moderna COVID-19 vaccine trial dies

Fr. John M. Fields, a Pennsylvania priest who had participated in the third and final phase of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine trial, died November 27.

Fr. Fields, a priest of the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia, was 70 and died at his home in Philadelphia. The cause of death was an apparent heart attack, according to Fr. Michael Hutsko, pastor of Saints Peter and Paul Church in Mt. Carmel, Pennsylvania. Fr. Fields did not have COVID-19, Auxiliary Bishop Andriy Rabiy, vicar general of the archeparchy, confirmed Monday.

Our vaccine licensing regulatory body actually has a history of knowingly approving vaccines that create MORE myocardial infarctions (heart attacks) in the vaccine participants than in the control group.

2018 ACIP meeting for HepislavB

Post marketing data

This means after people are injected they will track how many experienced heart attacks, how severe were the heart attacks and how many deaths were caused by the vaccine. Neither the manufacturer nor the doctor has to disclose there could be an increased chance of heart attacks after the vaccine. No one is liable if the vaccine does increase the chances of death.

Liability free Vaccines

Abortion Tainted Vaccines

The aborted fetal cell line HEK-293 was indeed used extensively by Moderna. Did this Catholic Priest know he was participating in a trial that was developed on child sacrifice? Would that have changed his choice to participate?

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