The Promise of 5G

The Promise of 5G

5G technology, which is being introduced now in some US cities. It is planned by the US government to be rolled out soon for the entire US. Many other countries are also looking into utilizing it too. 5G stands for “5th generation” of cellular technology. The RF technology has been developing quickly over the last 50 years starting with 1G back in 1970 and has progressed since then with the next experimental generation of cellular technology to where we are now seeing 5G being used. I use the word “experimental” because frequently the case has been that very little safety testing has been done to uncover what the effects these EMF frequencies have had or will have on all living organisms in their broadcast path.  

5G promises to bring with it some attractive benefits such as super-fast download speeds and immense connectivity nearly everywhere on the planet while serving 100 billion devices. Initially these “improvements” are quite inviting to embrace for everyone interested in these benefits to improve their use of the devices they’ve grown to love and be dependent upon.

However, 5G is potentially quite dangerous because of many reasons. The two website links below will spell out those dangers very clearly with good overview graphics and charts to view.  I highly recommend that you take a few minutes to read and view the info on these sites, as they are very interesting and informative based on existing scientific studies. 

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