The race for the cure: a fresh look at cat’s claw plant

The race for the cure: a fresh look at cat’s claw plant

The therapeutic effect of Una de Gato (cat’s claw bark) for treating breast cancer, leukemia and lung cancer is well known in South America and well studied by Brazilian scientists.

…Cat’s claw shuts off the inflammation that initiates disease processes. Researchers have linked inflammation to the onset of cancer proliferation at the DNA level. This cause is generally ignored in modern treatment protocols.

Scientists have long known that cat’s claw extract induces cancer cell death, but researchers are now finding out the precise anti-inflammatory mechanisms by which this occurs.

When the body is trying to heal and maintain homeostasis, an inflammatory response will be initiated. The toxins we eat, breathe and drink basically are the cause of inflammation, because they force the body into a state requiring repair. This inflammatory response opens the pathways to cancer and chronic disease. By including anti-inflammatory herbs in the diet such as cat’s claw, we assist the immune system during times of inflammation and stress.

If inflammation is at the root of disease, then cat’s claw is one of countless curative natural substances that can halt disease in its tracks.

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