They Spray Us With Neurotoxins & Chemicals to PROTECT OUR HEALTH?

They Spray Us With Neurotoxins & Chemicals to PROTECT OUR HEALTH?

A STATE OF EMERGENCY was declared by Mosquito Abatement so that they can spray us by plane with Naled (A chemical banned in other countries due to health concerns) They are working on keeping the fear factor alive with this article…/local/article163094138.html

How many people have been affected by West Nile Annually in the past 15 years? an average of 12 a year. 

2017 Idaho NO ONE has been affected. Almost 100% of the cases of West Nile are SO MILD people don’t know they have it, and others assume its a flu or cold.

Less than 1% of 1% do people have serious reactions. According to the CDC, its primarily elderly people or those already in poor health.

And yet, 100,000 of people are being bombarded with neurotoxic chemicals (that accumulate in our bodies) to protect the annual average of 12 people from a neurological reaction to a sickness that most people don’t even know they have when they contract it.

Naled and the chemical it breaks down into contain toxins known to pass through the placenta and affect brain size by as much as 15% in lab tests.

The number one cause of death of infants in our great state? Birth Defects.

 IDHW numbers, Idaho’s infant mortality rate from birth defects has exceeded the national average 12 of the 16 years from 1999 to 2014, peaking in 2002 when the infant mortality rate of 241.3 per 100,000 births was nearly 100 deaths higher than the U.S. average. In 2014, the most recent data available, that number was 135.4 deaths per 100,000—16.4 higher than the average.

Are they protecting us??? Or POISONING US? 

It won’t stop..unless we demand it stops!!

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