This is freedom?

This is freedom?

Let me understand this correctly….

Lacing water with known toxic fluoride which has been shown to lower IQ and cognitive thinking in over 50 studies is good for your teeth?

Injecting known neurotoxins within vaccines creates immunity?

GMO foods that cause cancer and other diseases are going to save the world from hunger?

Medications with dozens of side effects including suicidal thoughts will heal the sick and make someone happier?

Pesticides that kill bugs won’t affect you when applied to your food?

Smart meters cause cancer and nerve damage but are as safe as your alarm clock?

Mercury is toxic but magically becomes healthy if it’s in your teeth fillings or vaccinations?

Repeating the lies of known liars means you’re smart?

Voting for people who pass laws without your consent is democracy?

Living in a place where all of the above happens is freedom ?

It might be reality, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Its time for a shift in thinking. Our bodies can not handle the current load of toxins. Our children are the first to be sicker than the previous generation. 

Branden Simoens

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