Thousands Attend Vaccine Exemption Hearing in Washington State

Washington lawmakers heard testimony from experts, but not from the thousands of parents who lined up February 8th for the hearing on HB 1638. This bill strips parents' ability to claim a personal or philosophical exemption to opt their school-age children out of the combined measles, mumps and rubella vaccine (MMR). Prompted by 36 non-fatal cases of measles in which the governor declared a 'state of emergency', legislators claim it is Washington's high vaccine exemption rates, which are about 5%, that put the entire state at risk. In reality, this "outbreak" is more of an 'in-break' Jaclyn Gallion of Informed Washington explained during public testimony to the health department earlier this year:

The same way we had a Marshallese mumps outbreak, Clark County is having a Slavic measles outbreak, or more accurate “in-break”. Virtually all cases have been in this religiously exempt group. The exposure site lists are not where random exempt students are infecting each other in some public place- there are not enough exempt students for that to happen. The exposure sites are where the Slavic kids are visiting before they become symptomatic. I should know, I am very active in the choice community, and none of the exempt students have caught it. 

(Jaclyn Gallion's full public testimony can be found here)

photo credit Melissa A. Curtin

Today Legislators saw over 2000 people show up in the bitter cold with children in tow in extreme opposition to this violation of liberty. The crowds were so large that they filled the Capitol overflow rooms requiring staff to open up overflow rooms in a neighboring building. While families were denied the ability to testify many still took the opportunity to educate their legislators as to why this exemption is vital to their families. 

A powerful and moving rally. I shed several tears today. I got to shake Bobby Kennedy Jr’s hand and thank him for his help. And our expert panelists were amazing. I enjoyed getting to chat and thank all of them too. And I did have some really great conversations with Representatives that really care and listened. I really wish more of them were like that. They aren’t. They really aren’t. - Leah Houser

Informed Washington shared the process this bill will take. First, its heard before the House Health and Wellness Committee. If it passes outside this Committee, it will go before the entire House for a vote. It would then go to the Senate. 

This is not a vaccine issue any longer; this is a HUMAN RIGHTS issue. We must SEPARATE PHARMA & STATE. We are not going away, and WE WILL NOT COMPLY with this outrageous government overreach.

If every single person that thinks they should have the right to make their children’s and their own medical decisions doesn’t speak up to legislators about it, and NOW, we will lose this. Soon. State and local public health are ready and willing to sell our children to Pharma. And it’s happening. - Leah Houser

Rally Speech by Jaclyn Gallion

Hello, I’m Jaclyn Gallion. I’m on the board of Informed Choice Washington but most importantly I am a mother of 8 healthy non-vaccinated children. The Department of Health wants legislators to believe parents are stupid, lazy, ignorant, and socially irresponsible. But the internal communications show that we are brilliant, intelligent, and highly educated and that we know more than the doctors who inject vaccines.

Washington State Department of Health continuously and consistently exaggerates the risks of measles, while underestimating the risk of vaccination.

A 1 in 1 million injury rate is magical thinking. No responsible medical clinician would ever claim 1 million error free procedures. 

Vaccines are not made by elves and delivered by angels. 

They are some of the most complicated pharmaceuticals in production, containing live and killed viruses, bacterial components, adjuvants, and more. This is in stark contrast with a conventional drug, which will have a single active ingredient and binders. 

A vaccine must be manufactured perfectly, packaged perfectly, labeled perfectly, shipped perfectly, stored perfectly, prepared perfectly, dosed perfectly, administered in a sanitary fashion to the correct patient perfectly. Medical professionals cannot guarantee amputation of the correct limb – yet they are able to administer a few million vaccines every single year without any mistakes? 

Medical error is the third leading cause of death. But somehow vaccines are perfect? 

Many parents here know – they know their kids are injured and that it was the vaccines because they saw it happen before their eyes. They saw the light go out of their child’s eyes, saw their health decline, their language disappear. When vaccine injuries occur, families are gas-lighted. 

They are told the injury is just a coincidence. 

That correlation does not equal causation. 

But moms know. Dads know. And the CDC knows it, too. 

We are here today because legislators were lied to and pressured to take away our right to make medical choices. Are we mad? No. We are energized. It’s been said -- “Never let a crisis go to waste” and we will not let this manufactured crisis go to waste.

We will stand firm in truth and we will expose the lies and we will not rest until we Separate Pharma and State.

We will not let this manufactured crisis go to waste. We will stand tall, speak truth, expose the corruption and the fraud. We will correct the lies that are being told. I am here today to say we are done. We are done with the government’s recommendations, done with their guidelines, done with their selling of our children to pharmaceutical companies. We will not rest. We are fired up to end the corporate capture of our health departments and the sellout of our children. I am here today to say it’s time we call for the separation of Pharma and State and we will not rest until it happens.
This is our country, our state, our children. Pharma, we are done.

WE ARE DONE with Pharma sponsored agendas, bought politicians and one sided fear mongering media coverage. If you want to join Washington in protecting your rights I urge you to get involved through Informed Choice WA at  

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Cover photo by Melissa A Curtin

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