Time to connect the dots

Time to connect the dots

In a world where profit and influence is putting science, truth, and health in jeopardy, Health Freedom Idaho is fighting to protect your Right to Choose or refuse medical treatments, and Informed Consent. Right now, in the U.S., parents are having their children taken by CPS for exercising their right to choose or refuse medical treatments for conditions such as ADHD. When a family found an alternative yet successful means of controlling their daughter’s SEIZURES she was taken from her home by force late in the evening October 29, 2017. It was all live streamed via Facebook the streamed video was removed by Facebook after 1000’s of shares by concerned parents.

Summary of the video from Jen Colleen of OUR KIDS OUR CHOICE
more information on this family’s situation can be seen here

Police arrive to take 1 of this family’s 3 children. Dad speaks with the Police through the door and asks them to present a warrant, they do not. They then state they’re performing a welfare check, Dad then asks them to explain to him what that means. The officer gives him a general explanation of what a welfare check means, but won’t tell him why they’re performing a welfare check at his house. Dad then tells them that they (he and the Mom) will step outside and speak with them (the officers), when Dad opens the door the Police enter the doorway and refuse to leave, then corner the father and put him in hand cuffs. The parents are both amazingly calm throughout (like really amazingly composed, I would’ve gone postal if people were attempting to kidnap my child).

Towards the end of the video we find out why their daughter is being taken away: the daughter being taken into custody has epilepsy, they told the Doctor they are treating their daughter with CBD oil and aren’t comfortable putting her on the meds he’s suggesting. He responds by telling they that “she’s going to die” without them (where have we all heard this before?!). They suspect this prompted the Dr to call CPS. CPS dispatched three employees to the children’s school where they interviewed all of them, without parental knowledge and without a known school staff member to sit in with the kids during the interrogations.

This is medical kidnapping.
This is the gross power the medical-industrial complex has over us.
This is Police state.

2 weeks ago my friends children were all seized. There’s no allegation of abuse against my friend. There’s no charges pressed. They claim she’s a DV victim (even though she’s not) and have said because of that she can’t be trusted to protect her children. They kidnapped her kids, the baby was exclusively breastfed and now he’s without Mothers Milk. It’s been two weeks and she’s only seen 2 of her 4 kids for the time period of a Drs visit.

This isn’t ok. Is it sinking in for everyone yet?

My daughter has a vaccination induced seizure disorder. During her childhood we were able to predict when her seizures were coming on and prevent them, we opted not to medicate her, instead we used natural supplements to support her system. We stopped vaccinating. She’s now 22.

This could have been my family. This could have been my daughter being kidnapped by the state because the “good Dr” insisted my refusal of powerful, potentially dangerous medications were my only option. This could have been me being accused of medical neglect.

This could be any of us.

Are you paying attention yet?


More medical kidnapping: https://www.facebook.com/drelizabeth/posts/10215101385719144
updates for Autumn’s case can be viewed here: you can read through the last week to get the full picture

Belsy is facing a similar situation as Autumn in California. 

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