Top 5 Things to Consider About Childhood Vaccines

Vaccines are one of the most critical topics a parent can research. Beyond the connection of vaccines and autism are some statistics and facts that should be closely examined. Its not easy wading through the plethora of  marketing materials from companies that financially benefit from your child's immunizations. Take a moment to consider these five points: US children are the most vaccinated in the world and yet we have seen an exponential increase in chronic illness in our children. Statistics reflect that our children will live shorter lives than their parents. Could this be because vaccines contain some of the most toxic and carcinogenic ingredients on the planet and are injected into our children 72 times by the age of 18. Do you realize that your child will receive more shots before the age of 5 than you received in your entire life. It begs the question, if vaccines work so well, why do we need so many?!! Perhaps it's just about money and not your child's health. Consider this, the number of vaccines on the US childhood schedule has increased exponentially AFTER the manufacturers and the doctors no longer have any liability for a vaccine reaction causing the death or injury of your child from the shots....
1960: 5 vaccines
1980: 20 vaccines
1995: 40 vaccines
2016: 72 vaccines
Just as disturbing is the fact that all the manufacturers creating our children's vaccine have pled guilty of fraud (A deception deliberately practiced in order to secure unfair or unlawful gain). Yet they tell us their products are perfectly safe for our children and we believe them.  Take a moment to research these facts (, take a look at the manufacturer's inserts for the vaccines your child is to receive (read the label) before injecting them. Our children are a precious and their health is a parent's responsibility. 

The above graphic was created with number from 2014. Those little 'red people' representing our sons and daughters with autism diagnosis, has increased to 1 in 36 with ASD diagnosis as 1 in 27 boys. 

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