Toxins Affect On Our Brain

Discover the power to boost your brain and heal your body. Your brain health is intricately connected to your overall health, so if you experience any of the following, you will definitely want a seat at this event: You forget where you put things: names, faces, important due dates and appointments You have difficulty remembering conversations you recently had, or things you just read You forget what you wanted to say mid-sentence You stumble on words, suffering from lapses in concentration and being “scatter brained” You experience regular “brain fog,” where you can’t think clearly or your thought process is slowed or murky These experiences are not normal for any age group! At this event, you’ll learn which things effect your brain health and gain access to health principles designed to improve not only your brain health, but your overall wellbeing. Space is limited, register today. Main Health Solutions RSVP:

This content originally appeared on YouTube.

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