US Government Profits from Vaccines

US Government Profits from Vaccines

Few among the American public truly understand just how huge the U.S. vaccine market is. Not only do drug companies reap huge profits from vaccines, so too does the U.S. government.

For example, did you know that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has accumulated $3.8 BILLION in vaccine tax revenue which is currently “sitting” in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Trust Fund?

This trust fund was established in 1988 “to compensate vaccine-related injury or death claims for covered vaccines.” The money in this fund comes from a $0.75 excise tax on vaccines recommended by the CDC. In other words, you the taxpayer fund it – not the drug companies. 

“Administrative Fee” Pocketed for Each Vaccine Administered

The HRSA reports that from 2006 to 2017 over 3.4 billion doses of covered vaccines were distributed in the U.S. Due to tax regulations, the US government takes an administrative fee of 17 cents of the tax added to each vaccine. 

How much money did the US government make on vaccines in this time period? cha-ching…

Additional profit comes when the government refuses to provide families with vaccine injury compensation. 

The government hires the best attorneys available (with your tax dollars) to litigate against families with vaccine-damaged children (dead or alive) who are trying to collect from this fund. Those who are successful could spend up to 10 years trying to prove their case in a special court designated for vaccine injury compensation. So the result is that there has always been a surplus in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Trust Fund, 2018 it grew to more than $3.8 BILLION


 The Dark Truth of America’s Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

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