Using FEAR to steal your FREEDOM

Using FEAR to steal your FREEDOM

I’m Priscilla Giddings, District 7. I was not going to speak, but now I am here, and I’m the only one who has not spoken, so I’m getting the elbow nudges. I have no prepared remarks. I can tell you it is an honor to serve with every one of these representatives. Just listening to them speak, they have more words of wisdom than anything that I could ever say. And the only thing that is left on my heart as we slowly depart today is the word of freedom.

Rep Giddings

So for those of you that don’t know, in my former life, I was an A10 pilot and an MC 12 pilot. There’s one thing that I did spend a lot of time doing, and that was a thousand hours of combat flying over Afghanistan, watching and surveilling people who did not know what freedom was—people who lived in fear and people who lived under terrorism. Because terrorism is the absence of freedom. And the common theme that’s running through all of this as we fight for the type of government, and which rules and laws are being enforced, is that we have fear.

Why are there legislators in the hallway?
Why are there legislators at home?
Why are there people not going out?
Why are there people not going to the park?

Why are there mothers… I have two, under two years old…
Contact tracing, if they were to test me and I have something, they can take me away from my kids. That’s fear!

It’s the absence of freedom that is fear and that’s terrorism. We’re being terrorized in our own country and our own emotions and to me that is unamerican.

And so what can we do?

We’re here.

We’re trying.

But all we can do is Pray.

And every night my husband  gets on his knees with me and we pray, because there’s only one thing, the verse that comes to my mind is, “where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” That’s the only way we can get our freedom back.

And so thank you for the honor to serve, thank you for being here, keep fighting! We need freedom. We need the spirit of the Lord. Pastor, will you please close us in prayer, and then we can all depart.

Listen to the remarks of all the Legislators at the special meeting held on the House Floor at the Idaho Capitol June 23, 2020

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