WIN! Schools Can No Longer Bully Parents!

WIN! Schools Can No Longer Bully Parents!

Vaccine Exemptions Exist in Idaho! We have seen over the years how the schools attempt to deny, coerce and bully parents. This is why we started Health Freedom Idaho. Nobody was talking about vaccine exemption forms, parents didn’t know there were exemptions and schools didn’t provide the information. It was Health Freedom Idaho that brought a bill from the citizens that got the rules from the health department to line up with statute. Then we brought a bill that required the schools to disclose to parents that exemptions were available for their children. It passed the house but died in the Senate in the previous legislative session.

We have great news!

The 2021 Passage of House Bill 298: NO LONGER WILL BE THE SCHOOLS/DAYCARES be freely able to bully parents into vaccination against their religious, moral convictions or medical conditions and concerns.


Immunization exemptions according to the Health and Welfare Website

Idaho law allows a parent or guardian to claim an immunization exemption for their child for medical, religious or other reasons. A medical exemption must be completed by a licensed physician. It is recommended that exemptions for religious or other reasons be documented on the form provided by DHW Immunization Program. Parents or guardians may also claim an immunization exemption by providing a signed written statement when entering their child into school and/or childcare. In the event of a disease outbreak, children who have claimed an exemption and have not received the immunization against that disease may be excluded from school and/or childcare.

Idaho School Immunization Requirements Exemption 
Idaho Childcare Immunization Requirements Exemption

Example of Parent Signed Statement for an Immunization Exemption

PDF-Vaccine-Exemption-Parent-Submission-1DownloadWord Vaccine-Exemption-Parent-Submission-1Download

You can fill out form if you prefer it is NOT required by statue.

If you are having problem with schools who are not following law please contact us 

Special Report, published by NVIC on State Legislative Action regarding informed consent. 

Dawn talks about the OPT-OUT vaccine tracking system in Texas. Health Freedom Idaho addressed this issue with the Idaho legislature in 2016. A bill was defeated that would have added ADULTS into an opt-out vaccine tracking system

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