Vaccine Exemptions Idaho

Vaccine Exemptions Idaho

IDAHO STATUTES CLEARLY STATE: VACCINES ARE NOT MANDATED FOR DAYCARE or SCHOOLS. LAWS CLEARLY STATE A PARENT’S WRITTEN STATEMENT IS AN ACCEPTABLE FORM OF IMMUNIZATION EXEMPTION. When parents opt to submit the legally acceptable affidavit, IDHW declines it forcing schools to deny the children’s registration.

When the Public Health Department refuses to accept legally permitted form of exemption which leads many to wonder HOW IS THAT LEGAL?

Regardless of your opinion on the efficacy of vaccines, it is unacceptable to allow the Department of Health to mandate a discriminatory form for school enrollment that violates privacy and is potentially self-incriminating. 

There are 2 forms provided by the Department of Health. Legally you are required to make a statement of objection (you do not have to clarify that statement), your child’s name and birthday. Any additional information required by schools or the Health Department is illegal.

Encourage ALL LEGISLATORS to SUPPORT SB 1050 This bill keeps administrative policy from usurping Idaho law. SB 1050 will allow parents to make an informed choice to opt out of vaccines without discrimination, revealing private medical information and without being entered into a tracking database without consent. 


Idaho’s Health & Welfare Department created a mandatory immunization form that falls FAR OUTSIDE THE SCOPE OF CURRENT STATUTES and is discriminatory to the minority of parents who legally choose to OPT OUT of the full CDC vaccine schedule. Parents are forced to sign IDHW’s mandatory form that demands parents state that they are putting their children at risk. No parent should be forced to sign a form that is self-incriminatory in order to enroll their child into a daycare program or public school.

The Public Health department is getting away with creating their own rules and children are being denied access to daycare and schools.

SUPPORT SB 1050 for Immunization Exemption Form and Parental Statement Compliance by the Health Department


The state-prescribed form, based on IDAPA 16.02.15, is in violation of Code 39-4802 and 39-4804. The form developed by IDHW falls far outside the scope of Idaho Code 39-1118(2) and 39-4802(2).

 Idaho Statute 39-4802(2) permits a parent/guardian:
 1. The right to choose whether to vaccinate their child
 2. The right to choose to participate or decline participation in the state vaccine registry system (IRIS).
 3. The right to opt out without explanation of objection.  



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