Vaccine Fraud and Corruption

Vaccine Fraud and Corruption

Why do people believe that vaccines are somehow impervious to corruption?

Sanofi, vaccine manufacturer, has been convicted of FRAUD in multiple countries, involving bribing government officials and health care providers.

Merck is in court over the mumps portion of the MMR and over their HPV / Gardasil 9 vaccine. For FRAUD. Merck killed 38,000 Americans with their drug Vioxx when they covered up the fact that it causes heart attacks.

Glaxo Smith Kline, vaccine manufacturer, has paid over $3 billion in fines in the US after being convicted of FRAUD, and was caught bribing doctors in China with cash and sexual favors.

The CDC’s own scientists have come forward stating that fraud in scientific research at the CDC is the NORM.

And the FDA regularly buries evidence of medical fraud…

Vaccines are a $60 billion per year market. And manufacturers spend an exorbitant amount of $ on promoting their products. These manufacturers make SO MUCH $$$, on selling their toxic drugs and vaccines, that even a 3 billion-dollar fine is not enough to discourage further misconduct.

But, they all have our best interest at heart? Do you really trust their products? 

Do you trust them with your child’s life?

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