Vaccine Mandates Not a Health or Safety Issue

Vaccine Mandates Not a Health or Safety Issue

Wary parents want to protect their child from any possible risk. The liability-free pharmaceutical companies that spend billions in marketing want everyont to be injected with their product. Their campaign that their product won’t work unless everyone uses it. It’s time to inject a dose of reality in this issue. It’s 2019 and the East Coast is facing threat of fines and imprisonment with door-to-door vaccination programs. The West coast just passed the elimination religious and philosophical exemptions. The Northwest is pushing through a pharmaceutical driven legislation to eliminate medical exemptions. Michael Gaeta, DAc, MS, CDN shares the truth about the immunization issue. It’s NOT about healthcare and safety or effectiveness of vaccines, it is about freedom of choice. It’s about personal bodily sovereignty. No person should have control over another’s body. without their consent. This is a very key area.

The issue is informed consent. Free voluntary is personal informed consent. That all medical interventions are voluntary and chosen by the person.

There is also an issue of religious freedom as in our Constitution. Whether you are affiliated with organized religion or not. Your own personal sincere belief.

The issue is parental rights. The government can advise but it is a parental choice.

Support healthcare freedom.


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