Vaccine Safety and Dis-informed Consent

Vaccine Safety and Dis-informed Consent

We are living in the age of disinformed consent. Parents assume their doctors and their public health authorities are providing them with all relevant vaccine information, and nothing could be further from the truth. Here are 50 scientific studies on health outcomes from the use of vaccines including anorexia, auto-immune conditions, increased death rates in infants, brain inflammation, behavioral disorders similar to autism, neurological damage, ovarian failure, febrile seizures, brain abnormalities linked to emotional and social developmental challenges, and more. These have been dismissed and ignored by the American Academy of Pediatrics:

 “There is a robust, worldwide body of published science from highly esteemed scientists questioning the safety of many different aspects of vaccines – how come we never hear from them? The majority of the most compelling science has been published since 2010. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics made representations to President Trump in a letter dated 2/7/2017 that are utterly indefensible and inaccurate, as any rational review of the studies below quickly demonstrates. For example, the AAP wrote:

“Claims that vaccines are unsafe when administered according to expert recommendations have been disproven by a robust body of medical literature…we write to express our unequivocal support for the safety of vaccines.”

We contend that the AAP’s statements to the President are baseless, reckless, and easily refuted. The AAP’s letter alone supports the President’s desire to field a Vaccine Safety Commission and do all we can to make vaccines as safe as possible. These 50 such studies to consider, sorted chronologically, and note that these studies only represent a portion of the published work implicating vaccinations in a wide variety of negative health outcomes.”

Whose making sure vaccines are safe? 

The U.S. Governmental Department of Health and Human Services was suppose to monitor the safety of vaccines. They haven’t reviewed a single study in 32 years.

Wasn’t that the CDC’s job?

The World Mercury Project explains it this way:

  • Any appearance of vaccine safety efforts made by the CDC and its pundits is a facade. A government agency charged with ensuring high vaccination uptake in the population should not be entrusted to ensure that vaccines are as safe as possible.
  • The CDC is in the vaccine business, a tremendous conflict of interest when that same agency is tasked with promoting mass-scale vaccination. According to a 2003 UPI Investigation, the CDC held 28 vaccine licensing agreements at that time. In 2017, another analysis found that the CDC now holds at least 57 patents related to vaccines.
  • Members of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, who determine vaccine recommendations, are allowed to have financial conflicts, some even profiting from the vaccine decisions the committee recommends.
  • The revolving door between the CDC and the vaccine industry is blatant and has gone unchecked for decades. 

The FDA tests them and the Vaccine Advisory Council approves only throughly tested vaccines Right? 

This is how brand new vaccines are approved to the immunization schedule. Basic dialogue before they voted:

Q: Is it dangerous to use this vaccine with other vaccines?

A: We have no data on that.
Once approved, it will be given along with other vaccines but we have no clue whether that’s safe or not.

Q: Do we at least have any data from other countries that used this vaccine in combination with other vaccines?

A: Nope

Sounds good to me. Lets vote yes!

Only after they vote, one guy voices concern over 16 heart attack deaths in the safety trials.

Vaccines are given with ‘dis-informed’ consent

Obviously, if vaccines can kill and cause serious and debilitating lifelong damage – which they can, and do – the vaccine administrator must provide that information to the client, in unambiguous fashion, regardless of the estimated size of the risk. It’s an ethical mandate that must be fulfilled, but it never is. There is a fundamental reason: medical schools don’t teach the history and nature of vaccine damage and death; nor do nursing and pharmacy schools. Yet doctors, nurses, and, these days, pharmacists, are the very ones who administer vaccines, and upon whom we rely for full information. Somewhere there is made a conscious decision to exclude the reality of serious vaccine damage from the curricula.

Most of the many doctors who have witnessed vaccine damage – thankfully, not all – lack the professional integrity to follow up with curiosity, let alone research. This is the most troubling of the array of vaccine contradictions; trained to observe, they nevertheless appear blind to even the possibility of causal relation. 

Public Woefully Uninformed on Vaccine Risks Due to Government and Mainstream Media Censorship 

If you want to know the true risks one takes when receiving a vaccine, do not depend on the pharmaceutical industry, government health officials, or the mainstream media.

Do your own research. Read the package inserts of vaccines 

  • How many people were harmed or killed during the vaccine trials?
    Read the known side effects and warnings that are published. 
  • Section 13 of many of the inserts states: “…has not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential, or for impairment of fertility.”  
    How many years have vaccines been available? There are no studies to determine if they are causing the increase of cancer, the polymophic genetic mutations such as MTHFR or the signficiant decrease in fertility of the present generation.
  • Learn about the actual death rate from the diseases being vaccinated against and the rate of adverse reactions reported by VAERS for the same disease.

Find a doctor or health care practioner that respects your right to informed consent, and has not been brainwashed by marketing and propaganda from the pharmaceutical industry and government.
Find a practioner who does not fear losing their job if they speak the truth. Your life and the lives of those dependent upon you are at risk. 

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