Vaccine ‘Science’ claims “Safe in Pregnancy” after Excluding All Data with Negative Outcomes

Vaccine ‘Science’ claims “Safe in Pregnancy” after Excluding All Data with Negative Outcomes

Pregnant mothers and their unborn children are the targets of vaccination experimentation. The CDC (a vaccine patent holder) encourages vaccines at each pregnancy. Vaccine manufacturers state on their inserts that vaccines haven’t been tested safe in pregnancy. Scientists then publish studies that exclude negative data so they can claim vaccine safety. The ACIP, which is supposed to provide safety recommendations for the vaccine schedule, ‘believes’ vaccines are safe in pregnancy, but they need 5-year data to determine safety.

Medical Billing Records Reveal Fetal Death After Vaccinations

Meanwhile, pregnant Mothers injected under the guise that vaccines have been proven safe for their unborn child when, in reality, they have not. Medical bill records reveal that many mothers have suffered a miscarriage, fetal demise/death, immediately following vaccination. This data was excluded from a “study” to determine vaccine safety.

Exclude Fetal Deaths and Call Vaccinations Safe. How Can This Be Considered – SCIENCE?

How can you study Adverse Birth Outcomes if you exclude fetal deaths? Walter Orenstein, MD (et al) published a “study” that used the remaining data to prove that TDaP vaccines are ‘safe’ in pregnancy.

“We also excluded pregnancies with non–live birth outcomes (stillborn, spontaneous abortion, therapeutic abortion, trophoblastic disease, and ectopic pregnancy) because we did not have the resources to access medical records to confirm the timing of these outcomes in relation to vaccination, which could result in inaccurate findings.”

screenshot of a portion of the study below:

Learn more about fraudulent ‘studies’ used to push untested and unsafe vaccines on pregnant mothers. Braintrust segment with Dr. James Lyons-Weiler

ACIP believes vaccines are safe in pregnancy but need data collection for 5 years.

if you are short on time start watching at the 30 min mark

Marcella Piper-Terry of VaxTruth.Org.

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