Vaccine Science, Safety and Assumptions with Del Bigtree

Vaccine Science, Safety and Assumptions with Del Bigtree

Del Bigtree produces one of the fastest-growing programs in the natural health arena. Why are people so fascinated with this controversial topic of vaccine safety? Perhaps its because mainstream media makes him out to be a monster or a liar so curiosity draws people in. Quite possibly it could it be because he is one of the only programs that ask the tough questions of the pharmaceutical industry and seeks to find the answers to the questions as they refuse to respond. Many parents have seen the damage caused by vaccines and been dismissed. Now people are beginning to realize the impact of vaccines on the health of their children and themselves and seeing highly educated individuals sharing their knowledge on the topic of these liability-free medical products.

  • Learn why Hirewire Radio and are striking such a chord with the people, who are driven by both curiosity and concern
  • Why Bigtree believes that what’s the heart of the state vaccine mandate laws is really about the right to sovereignty or body autonomy. Do we have the right to own our bodies? Or are we simply the property of the United States government?
  • Discover how the winning lawsuits against both US government agencies Health and Human Services and National Institute of Health prove that there is no science showing vaccines are safe and effective.
  • Learn how there is not really an anti-vaxxer movement it is in fact, driven by those who believed in the vaccine program until it destroyed the life of someone they love or themselves.

Informed Consent Action Network challenged Health and Human Services with lawsuits to show the safety studies that measure the way we test the vaccines. Every other drug made requires a trial of one group get the drug the other groups it’s a sugar pill or saline injection if the product is injectable. They have finally admitted that they never ever tested any of the childhood vaccines on our schedule compared them to a placebo group, which means they have no scientific way to state unequivocally that vaccines are safe.  That is a lie,  there is no science behind that. That is a belief,  an assumption and I think its failing.

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