Vaccines and Anorexia, OCD, Anxiety Disorder, and Tics

Vaccines and Anorexia, OCD, Anxiety Disorder, and Tics

Marcella Piper-Terry
Posted this important update on facebook last week:

This is an important new study from researchers at Yale and Penn State. The researchers found a statistically significant increase in Anorexia Nervosa, OCD, Anxiety Disorder, and Tic Disorder in children and adolescents who had received vaccinations within the previous year, when compared to peers who had not received any vaccines during the prior year.

The methodology in this study is sound; they took great care to control for confounding variables. And this was no small study sample – there were more than 95,000 subjects whose medical records were reviewed.

They did not look specifically at DTaP or TDap, which I hope they will do in the future. This was a Pilot Study, which means they should now take this information and expand on it with further research.

As a side note, do you know what some of the most obvious signs of “autism” are in a young child?
1. Lining things up and extreme need for order and consistency (OCD),
2. repetitive and stereotypical movements and behaviors (Tic disorder), and
3. “failure to thrive” (aka “anorexia nervosa” when it happens later in life).…/10.3…/fpsyt.2017.00003/full

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