Health Freedom Idaho is hosting the June 17 Children’s March for Humanity at Julia Davis Park in Boise as one of 25 cities holding simulatanous events nationwide. The Children’s March is a community building event uniting people and resources in cities across the nation to invoke change in the lives and health of our children now and in the future.


This Community building event strives to:

  • Establish a venue for local and regional service providers, producers, and artisans to sell their product
  • Encourage one on one interaction
  • Provide a opportunity for small local enterprises to network with their target market
  • To educate, inform and bring awareness to the community of resources to help heal our children and reduce environmental toxins

Target Audience:
 Local Families concerned about the health of children, environmental impact of chemicals, natural and organic foods, Holistic and Alternative Medical Care.

Community Building/Networking:

 Opportunity for your staff/family to host the sale of products (or provide kid-centered activity) that promotes health and wellness. 

 SIGN UP using the VENDOR REQUEST online form.


  • Name/Contact added to day of event both print & webpage directory
  • MLM Health-Oriented Products Welcome
  • Hand made personal products Welcome *
  • Educational, Therapeutic Resources/Services Welcome
  •  2 Raffle Items (waives the table fee of $10)

*food products must be licensed through Health Dept.

This event does not require vendors to pay a percentage of gross sales back to the venue, those who do not provide their own table and raffle items will be charged table rent to set up.

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