Voices from the Vaccine Debate

Voices from the Vaccine Debate

In critically evaluating the vaccine debate, this is what gives me pause… I ask myself, “what’s the motivation behind the message?” On both sides, there are experts trying to protect our children. But the real question is, “Who benefits? Who has something to gain?” And when you ask this question things become a little clearer…On one side is a multibillion-dollar industry that is immune from legal action. on the other side, you have mothers, fathers, educators and researchers who have nothing to gain and potentially everything to lose by being the vocal minority. So for me, I listen to the minority voice that has nothing to gain for speaking up..that  that’s what’s for the greater good.” – Augustine Colebrook

Who are the families? What are their stories? Visit the Vaccine Prayer Community We Remember Tribute Page There are so many stories and too many families who have suffered due to vaccine injury.

“I pray more parents take it seriously and at least do their own research before injecting their children with vaccines because they are told that’s what they have to do.”


Malakai received six vaccines at his 14 week check-up and died within 24 hours.

“…We have also been in touch with a lot of moms from around the world who have also lost their babies within 24 hours of receiving a vaccine. Something is wrong with all these healthy babies dying. It’s not rare or uncommon this is happening every day. Our children are dying. We have to save each other.” 

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Christopher Bunch
August 14, 2018

Christopher (age 14) became ill and was diagnosed with Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM)  shortly after receiving the Gardasil (HPV) vaccine. He died within weeks. ADEM is a reported adverse effect of the  Gardasil vaccine. Listen to his parents PLEAD with the council in charge of making the CDC vaccine recommendations that turn into vaccine mandates for school attendance. 

Here’s the heartbreaking words from his father’s public facebook post:  

I lost my precious son this year in August from the HPV VACCINE. People try to compare them but there is no comparison. Yes I was and still am sad about losing my mother and grandparents, but the feeling of losing my child is by far the worst feeling in the world. Losing my mother and grandparents, they are supposed to go before us, it sucks, BAD! but it’s the way of life. We are NOT supposed to bury our child, NEVER! They are supposed to bury us. But thanks to the HPV VACCINE it didn’t work that way for my family and thousands more. One day Christopher Bunch we will have justice for you son. I PROMISE! I love you and we will never stop fighting for you. You are so loved and so very missed. #gardasilkilledmyson #NeverForgetChris #flyhighblueeyes

April 7, 2018 – June 19, 2018
Dawson died within 18 hours of receiving 8 vaccines at his 2 month “well baby visit.” His death has been ruled as SIDS. The doctor told his mother, “there are really no side effects
to these vaccines.”
Read Dawson’s Obituary.

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