Watermelon Jelly

Watermelon Jelly

Have you ever heard of watermelon jelly? Honestly, we hadn’t either until a particular summer when our garden was bursting with luscious melon. My boys excitedly counted over one hundred of them. Clearly, we had a problem.

How would we ever use all those melons?

Not wanting to be outdone by our garden, I set about to experiment with all the ways I could think of to preserve some of that summer goodness. I am proud to say watermelon jelly was an immediate win and has become a favorite of ours to enjoy all winter long. When it’s chilled, it has a very nice gel and a lovely exotic flavor.

Will you be a kitchen maven with me and try something that’s out-of-the-box delicious?

Like watermelon jelly? You won’t be disappointed.

Watermelon Jelly

This jelly has a lovely exotic flavor. Preserve some of the summer’s goodness for winter with this unique recipe. 

 Prep Time 25 minutes

 Cook Time 20 minutes

 Total Time 45 minutes


  • 8 C watermelon juice QP626
  • 1/2 C lemon juice JS441
  • 4 Tbs beef gelatin BP115
  • 1 C honey SW011
  • 3 Tbs Pomona’s pectin BP060



  1. Place four pint-sized jars in a 170° oven. Set four dome lids in a pan of water over medium heat. 

  2. Cut the melon off of the rind. Juice the melon using a juicer (a Champion juicer works great) or remove the seeds and blend the melon until smooth.

  3. Place watermelon juice, lemon juice, and gelatin in a pot. Quickly whisk the gelatin smooth so it doesn’t clump, then place the pot over medium heat and stir frequently. 

  4. Meanwhile, stir together honey and pectin until smooth. As soon as the juice mixture comes to a gentle boil, stir in the honey mixture. Stir until it is smooth and comes back to a gentle boil.

  5. Immediately ladle jelly into the hot jars filling to 1/4 inch from the rim. Wipe rims clean and secure hot lids with jar rings. Set jars upside down for five minutes. Turn right side up and leave until cool. Alternatively, you may water bath them. Check seals and store in the pantry.

Recipe Notes

Before serving, set in the fridge to thoroughly chill and jell.

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