What Goes Up Must Come Down

Just a friendly reminder that what goes up must come down... please take extra precautions for the next week. Consider increasing cilantro intake and bentonite clay detox baths, magnesium and other detox protocols. 

Fireworks Ingredients: Mercury, lead, gun powder, sulfur-coal, hexachlorobenzene, polychlorinated dioxins, dibenzofurans, aluminum, antimony sulfide, cadmium, lithium, rubidium, strontium, arsenic, barium nitrate, chloride, nitrogen dioxide, perchlorate, metallic compounds, etc.

American Pollution Made in China produces:
• Carcinogenic Dust & Fumes
• Light & noise pollution
• Air & groundwater pollution
• Gunpowder fuels flight. Metallic compounds and chemicals color explosions release toxic chemicals and particle-laden smoke
• Humans, animals, & plants subjected to high levels of metals
• Colors, booms, whistles, from chemicals toxic to humans
• Carcinogenic & hormone-disrupting chems seep in soil and water
• Releases lung-clogging smoke causing asthma attacks during fireworks display and days thereafter.

Veterans w/ PTSD, folks w/ MCS/EI, babies, the elderly & ill are highly affected.

Please use nontoxic alternatives: Electronic pyrotechnics made in USA.

READ: http://www.4to40.com/science/index.asp…

READ: http://www.backcountryattitude.com/toxic_fireworks.html


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