What is an RS and a Bill.

What is an RS and a Bill.

Here are the steps to make Idaho laws through the House of Representatives (legislation can also originate in the Senate):

1.       Draft legislation called a “RS” (Routing slip) is introduced into the appropriate House Committee.

2.      Committee members hear the RS and decide if it gets assigned a bill number to become a bill or not.

3.      Numbered bills get put on the appropriate committee agenda by the committee chairman.

4.      A hearing is held on the bill and committee members hear testimony. This is where public input is important! Committee members vote on the bill and determine if it will die or get referred it to the “Floor” for a vote by the entire body.

5.      Once a bill passes the House Floor it will be sent to the Senate and goes through a similar process.


A citizen’s voice is heard the loudest and has the greatest impact at a committee level. 

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