What Types of Toxins Are In Your Sunscreen?

What Types of Toxins Are In Your Sunscreen?
An investigation by the Environmental Working Group found that 60% of sunscreens currently on the market are not as safe and effective as you may think. Most of them actually contain harmful chemicals that can damage your skin and even cause cancer. Have you read your sunscreen label? Did you read any of these ingredients? Oxybenzone, AVO benzo, Paraben/Propylparaben/methylparaben butyl even fragence -they are TOXIC.Even the best of intentions require diligence and effort, so when you reach for that skin lotion “with SPF,” this summer make sure you’re getting the protection you need and not leaving yourself exposed. 

  • Oxybenzone is an endocrine-disrupting chemical now that means it’s a chemical that disrupts your hormones in your body and acts almost like an estrogen. It’s responsible for increased risks and increased rates of melanoma. It’s been found to lower the birth weight of girls. That’s also been linked to allergies, hormone disruption, cell damage and skin cancer.
  •  AVO benzo is used to absorb the UVB rays now the research suggests AVO benzon degrades in the sun and resulting in the release of free radicals on your skin. That increases the risk of skin cancer. AVO benzene has been linked to severe allergic responses on the surface. I noticed this I see people spray sunscreen all over the place. I try to stand downwind because one of the worst sunscreens is the aerosol ones where you breathe the chemicals in too. Then all of a sudden at 30 minutes later, I’ll see people breaking out with rashes, or they’ll have like pimples like things all over their skin.  
  • Paraben/Propylparaben/methylparaben butyl  Parabens are commonly used as preservatives in sunscreens and a variety of personal care and beauty products as well. They are also endocrine and estrogen disruptors. Parabens in clinical trials have been associated with infertility sterility abnormal development of the testes and kids obesity asthma allergies benign tumors of the uterus and digestive tract cancer as well as breast cancer so make sure that you always use paraben free beauty products and sunscreens.
  • Fragrance, now that sounds like a real natural. They must extract these from rose or jasmine or something like. NO! The reason why is the FDA actually allows chemical companies to use the word fragrance to hide their proprietary blend of chemicals. If you see the word fragrance just know that it can have up to 1500 toxic chemicals hidden behind that name including petroleum. So they’re all grouped together under the term “fragrance” it almost assures you that the product is toxic.

    Be in the sun responsibly cover up with a hat.
    An organic long sleeve cotton shirt is breathable and provides 20 SPF
    Raspberry seed oil and carrot seed oil (even blended together) provide an SPF of about 26

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