When Schools Lie and Deny Enrollment, It’s ILLEGAL!

When Schools Lie and Deny Enrollment, It’s ILLEGAL!

By Sarah Anne

Registration for the School year has begun. The Health Dept’s No Shots – No School Campaign is in full swing. ITS A LIE! Idaho vaccine exemptions available to families for religious, medical and philosophical reasons. DO NOT BE BULLIED!

Did your school tell you “no shots – no school?” They are lying! In Idaho, it is illegal to deny your child entrance to school based on the vaccination status.
The LAW makes provision for children’s entrance to school REGARDLESS of immunization / vaccine status.(See Idaho Statute)

A Boise mom shared with Health Freedom Idaho that when she turned in her kids’ 2017 immunization exemption forms at the school and they made her speak with the school nurse who LECTURED her about how she was putting her children at risk. The mom, though in her legal rights to make health choices on behalf of her children, felt belittled and left the campus in tears. 

Parents make the choice on which shots their children receive. It is NOT up to the schools to lecture, bully or belittle a parent’s health choices for their children. The schools, funded by tax dollars and under the authority of Idaho statute, are required to accept a parental exemption without question or discourse.

Health Freedom Idaho is committed to protecting YOUR freedom to choose and your children’s access to education. This is a right that is being denied to more and more families. Here is an excerpt from the IDAPA rules published by the Health Department. Its clear that there are only 3 legal requirements to invoke a vaccine exemption; the child’s name and birthday and a simple statement from the parent/guardian statement: I am invoking my child’s right to vaccine/immunization exemptions on religious or other grounds.

Any additional information requested by schools or the Health Department is voluntary and can not be used to deny your child’s access to school. .

We want to help.
Were you bullied by school officials?
Were you denied enrollment to school?
Was your child discriminated against because of an “incomplete” vaccine record?
Were your forced to sign an incriminating form?
Did you force vaccinate your child in order to have access to public or private education?

If your family has been victim to the school’s coercion please contact: Iamexempt@healthfreedomidaho.org

Its urgent! Unless families stand up against the bullying it will continue and the discrimination will get worse.

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